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Orange Line Shut Down In Laval Due To Medical Emergency

Service was down for about an hour.
Orange Line Shut Down In Laval Due To Medical Emergency

An intervention by emergency medical services has led to a shutdown of the orange metro line between Cartier and Montmorency stations, comprising the entirety of the line's Laval extension. Service is expected to resume by 14:25, according to the STM website. The STM also alerted passengers to the service interruption via the ligne orange Twitter account.

UPDATE: As of 14:20, service is resuming on the orange line.

EARLIER: This shutdown comes after an hour-long shutdown of the entire line, between Côte-Vertu and Montmorency stations, on Sunday, December 22. 

That event, the STM wrote on Twitter, was due to the presence of smoke. MTL Blog reader submissions suggest the smoke came from Jean-Talon station.

The circumstances leading to the current shutdown in Laval are unclear.

[rebelmouse-image 26887668 photo_credit="STM" expand=1 original_size="652x99"] STM

As of 14:20, service is gradually resuming between the stations.

We will update this article with information as it becomes available.

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