STM Warning: Over 100 Buses In Montreal Will Be Delayed Today

Commuters should plan any travelling well ahead of time.
STM Warning: Over 100 Buses In Montreal Will Be Delayed Today

Right before the weekend began Montrealers were left running late for school, work or appointments due to the STM recall on at least 282 buses. It wasn't only Montreal that was effected either.

Most of the province's bus fleet had been recalled immediately by NovaBus, leaving many Quebecers with limited ways to travel.

Needless to say, everyone began to panic due to most bus lines being shut down for the day. Unless you were able to find other means of transportation you'd be totally helpless, as buses did not return to the cancelled routes the entire day and any buses that were in service had experienced massive delays.

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TL;DR STM has announced that although three-quarters of the recalled buses in the city are now back in service, delays and even route cancellations will still be experienced today. Quebec's taxi strike is also taking place today. Montrealers should use the STM route calculator to plan their trip ahead of time.

[Update] 🚌⚠️ 3/4 of the buses inspected are back on the road, but few remains grounded. Plan more time for your trips this Monday and check the positioning of your bus in real time.

March 25, 2019

Luckily, if you still happen to be a commuter this week, some of the STM bus fleet has returned to roads across the city. The bad news is that you still shouldn't expect to reach your destination on time.

The STM has a banner on their website homepage indicating that delays are still expected on bus lines in the city. Not only that, but about one-quarter of buses are still not allowed back on the road.

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Transit users should take a look at the STM route calculator while planning their trip today to make sure their route is still in service and not actually cancelled. 

600 buses were originally pulled from service on Friday due to the possible corrosion of a connecting piece related to the power steering.

Luckily, most of the buses used by STM have had the issue resolved and are now safe for use. 

The delays and cancellations of buses in the city makes today's Quebec taxi strike even more stressful for commuters.

At this point, if you're expecting to get anywhere on time, you might want to plan your trip early or find other means of transportation until all buses are back up and running.

Until then, stay tuned for any more information on the STM bus recall.