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STM Warning: Several Montreal Bus Routes Will Be Delayed Due To Flooding

Better check your bus route before you leave this morning!
STM Warning: Several Montreal Bus Routes Will Be Delayed Due To Flooding

As we mentioned yesterday, the entire province of Quebec is on high alert as flooding has swept through many towns near Ottawa, around the Montreal area and as far east as New Brunswick.

While we seem to have avoided the worst of it, for now, authorities are warning that there is still a lot of snowmelt to come, meaning more water and a high risk of flooding in the city centre as well.

And evidently, Montreal has not been spared of all floods, as the STM is now warning passengers that several bus lines can expect delays today due to flooding. 

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TL;DR As intense flooding continues to threaten the city of Montreal, some buses are already facing delays due to the rising water.

[rebelmouse-image 26893303 photo_credit="STM" expand=1 original_size="639x320"] STM

As seen above, several buses have been affected in the Montreal area by the rising flood waters that have already swept through countless parts of the province.

Yesterday, in Laval, the Canadian Armed Forces were called to aid in the evacuation and prevention efforts, like setting out sandbags and plastic linings to divert the water from peoples' homes.

So if you regularly take bus route #68, #201, #205, #407, #409, #468 or #470 - expect your bus to be delayed as it manoeuvres through flooded areas.

The STM suggests tracking, in real time, where your bus is from their mobile site - but that may very well just tell you that the bus hasn't left the terminal.

You honestly might be better off just finding a new route.

This is not the first time Montreal has faced intense flooding. In 2017, many homes and business suffered at the hands of extreme floodwaters that spread through downtown.

Be sure to keep an eye on your area and if you begin to see water accumulating, inform authorities at Urgence Quebec.

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