STM Warning: The Following Montreal Buses Might Not Show Up On Time

Over 100 bus lines are dealing with disruptions and modifications today.
STM Warning: The Following Montreal Buses Might Not Show Up On Time

No, this is not the STM playing a cruel, cruel April Fool's Day joke on all of us.

As we all experienced, winter was harsh in Montreal this year, meaning extensive roadwork has begun to get out streets back to working (or semi-working) order.

The result is equally extensive disruptions to certain bus lines across Montreal... and that doesn't even begin to cover the work that is happening all over our metro network at the same time.

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TL;DR We've compiled all this information on bus service disruptions to help with keeping you in the loop when it comes to commuting in Montreal right now.

Public transit is the only mode of transportation for most people in Montreal, so with this many disruptions, many commuters are bound to face delays on their way to or from work or school.

The photo below shows all the disruptions of modifications to bus lines in Montreal right now. At the time of writing this article, there are 116 buses currently affected.

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Some of these modifications or disruptions are simply modifications to a bus line, which means that it could be as small as a stop being relocated due to construction. 

However, some bus lines have been severely impacted by the recall of several hundred buses that were impacted by a steering glitch last month.

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The result of fewer buses running for the STM means certain less-popular bus lines are running far less frequently than before. 

On the STM website, you can see live-positioning of buses as they are on route. On several occasions, passengers have noted that a bus that is supposed to be en route (or even arriving at a particular time) can be seen still sitting at the bus depot. 

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