STM Warning: Your Bus Might Not Show Up In Montreal Today

And it's not because of the surprise snow.
STM Warning: Your Bus Might Not Show Up In Montreal Today

With Montreal's first snowfall arriving today, we were probably already expecting there to be delays with public transit. Just like every other year, we've grown to accept that the STM is a little dysfunctional during the winter months.

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TL;DR With STM maintenance workers going on strike yesterday evening, the city transit is expecting even more delays and cancellations than they were already expecting due to snowfall. The main conflict between workers and the union is their working hours, with negotiations going on for over 18 months.

But today there is another, more serious cause for delays and cancellations. You're definitely going to want to find another way to travel in this snowy weather, because the STM is warning Montrealers to expect massive delays.

The reason being that about 500 STM mechanics just walked off the job Thursday afternoon. The workers have been in contract talks with the union for over 18 months, but decided yesterday was time to go on an illegal strike.

The main topic of conflict between the workers and management is shift times and working hours. The STM wants to create more evening and overnight shifts for its mechanics against the union's belief that it will effect quality of life.

It's not only the contracts that the maintenance workers are fed up with, either. Earlier this week STM workers told the media that city buses regularly break down because they're never fixed, despite management knowing the bus has issues.

Other secrets of the STM were also leaked, causing even more tension between the union and public transit workers. The disagreements have already caused thousands of hours of bus cancellations and delays in the city, so things aren't looking too good in terms of working transit today.

Today is definitely the worst day to be a commuter in the city. Until the STM workers and union have come to an agreement, your best option is to start travelling by other means.

Stay tuned for more information on the STM strike.


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