Taxis Are Planning On Continuing Their Strike Today In Montreal And Quebec City

In case they didn't make their point yesterday...
Taxis Are Planning On Continuing Their Strike Today In Montreal And Quebec City

Just in case yesterday didn't send the point home, Montreal taxis are planning on continuing their strike today to show their frustration with the CAQ Bill 17.

As we wrote about yesterday, the strike was held in many Quebec cities yesterday, including Montreal, Quebec City, and Gatineau, from 7 AM to 7 PM.

And, apparently, they've decided to keep the strike going today.

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TL;DR Despite extensive strikes yesterday, taxi drivers across the province of Quebec are planning to continue striking today in protest of Bill 17.

Good news is that, according to The Montreal Gazette, the strike is likely to be localized around the offices of François Bonnardel on Rene-Levesque by Beaver Hall Hill. 

In Quebec City, the plan is likely to head to the National Assembly, while the taxis began their congregation in Sainte-Foy this morning, according to the Gazette. 

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The government confirmed yesterday that they would not increase compensation above $500 million as taxi permits continue to decrease in value.

The devaluation of taxi permits is a repercussion of the changing market of the ride-hailing industry, with the introduction of services like Uber. 

Meanwhile, we can all just imagine what kind of day Uber had yesterday, considering taxis refused to pick up any passengers and were not even answering customer calls.

We will, of course, update you with any new information about the strikes today and the impact on traffic in Montreal. 

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