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30 Streets In Montreal To Take Cool Instagram Pics

Gotta snap 'em all!
30 Streets In Montreal To Take Cool Instagram Pics

Montreal is known around the world as one of the most beautiful and aesthetic cities ever. The city has European vibes, a fast-paced business life, and a vibrant party culture. What more can I say about Montreal that you don't already know?

If you're an Instagram enthusiast, Montreal provides endless photo ops. Models and landscape artists alike will find that Montreal's streets and landmarks rival the world's best known. 

To save you from aimless wandering (even though I encourage it!) we've compiled a list of the most Instagrammable streets in Montreal!

Rue Notre-Dame Ouest/Est

Rue Notre-Dame is one of the oldest streets in Montreal and runs from Lachine to the Eastern tip of the island. The landmarks along Notre-Dame are numerous, with the Notre-Dame Basilica, Griffintown, Old Montreal, and industrial sector, to name a few.

Rue Saint-Paul Ouest/Est

Saint-Paul is Montreal's oldest street and it maintains that legacy even today. As one of the main historic thoroughfares of the city, Saint-Paul is dotted with tiny shops, restaurants, cafes, and a whole slew of things to discover. The architecture isn't too shabby, either.

Place Jacques-Cartier

Continuing our tour of Old Montreal, we stumble on the beautiful Place Jacques-Cartier. This public square/street is one of the busiest ones in the city because it's the entrance to the Old Port of Montreal. Look out for street performers!

Rue de la Commune 

Rue de la Commune is the main waterfront street of the Old Port. The Insta shots are endless as you can see two museums, a giant market, Cirque du Soleil, zipline, and sometimes cruise ships...and you haven't even walked four blocks. Very touristy, but super worth it.

Rue Saint-Jacques 

One of the longest streets in Montreal is home to the city's financial district and borders the Old Port. Saint-Jacques is lined with endless old buildings, parks, beautiful views, and so much more. Maybe just avoid the Western tip unless you're into auto body shops and "hourly rate" motels.

Rue du Square Victoria 

Stepping out of the Old Port by walking up Ave McGill, you'll stumble upon the centre of Montreal's financial district, Square Victoria. This downtown square is like a little slice of Paris in Montreal. Sometimes, you might even see protesters or cosplayers!

Voie Camillien-Houde

Though Mayor Valerie Plante unsuccessfully wanted to make this road up Mont-Royal a bike-only street, it's still worth biking or driving or even hiking up the many winding paths of this road to see spectacular views of Montreal.

Rue du Square Saint-Louis 

Welcome to the Plateau and to yet another square! This tiny set of streets runs along one of the nicest squares in Montreal. It also boasts some of the most incredible houses in town. Dream homes, I tell ya.

Rue Prince-Arthur Est

After you're done admiring the houses around the square, walk down the block to Prince-Arthur Est, a pedestrian-only avenue that is lined with restaurants, shops, and beautiful street art. It's bustling in the summer!

Avenue du Parc

Parc Avenue is Montreal's major North-South street that runs through four of the most Instagrammable neighbourhoods in Montreal: the Plateau, the Mile-End, Outremont, and Parc-Extension. Take the 80 and hit every major street, you'll be glad you did. You can also stop and catch the sunset in Parc Jeanne-Mance.

Avenue Calixa-Lavallée 

This tiny little street shouldn't really qualify as a street because it's simply the entrance to Parc Lafontaine! But hey, who am I to argue with the city of Montreal?

Avenue du Musée

Welcome to downtown Montreal where there's no parking but the Instagram potential is huge! Just off Sherbrooke (more on that below), this tiny pedestrian-only street is in front of Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts and serves as an outdoor extension to the art inside.

Rue Sherbrooke Ouest/Est

Sherbrooke Street is one of the longest in Montreal, at over 30 kilometres in distance. It cuts through some of the best neighbourhoods in Montreal including N.D.G. and the East End. There's so much to do on Sherbrooke and so many spots to capture the perfect Insta!

Rue Saint-Catherine Ouest/Est

Ah, Sainte-Catherine. As a local and as someone who's worked on it, I'm not a huge fan. Still, though, it's the downtown street and you'd be silly not to go take an Insta shot under the Gay Village balls.

Boulevard Saint-Laurent 

Arguably as Montreal's party central, Saint-Laurent, or The Main, is one of the oldest and most storied streets in the city. From Chinatown to Little Italy, I mean, who doesn't have a late-night escapade story on The Main? If you don't, go make one.

Rue Saint-Urbain 

Another one of Montreal's most legendary streets, Saint-Urbain was once the pulse of the city's Jewish and Portuguese communities. These days, hipsters have to deal with high rent prices from surly landlords, so nothing has really changed. Saint-Urbain is packed with restaurants, street art, bars, and much else. Grab a pic on the classic Montreal stairs for your feed.

Rue Crescent 

This one might give The Main a run for its money as Montreal's party central. Most of the most well-known clubs and bars in town are on Crescent. Oh yeah, there's a Leonard Cohen mural, too, you might miss it though, stay vigilant.

Rue University

You can't beat the view up or down this steep downtown street. It's kind of dull at first glance, but walking it will offer you some cool urban shots and excellent views, especially in the right light.

Avenue McGill College 

Like University, this street has an excellent view walking downhill or uphill but the real gems are the tree-lined medians that are lit up during the holidays and the walk through McGill's campus.

Rue Peel  

Some of the best bars and most chic restaurants in Montreal are found on Peel Street. If you walk all the way downhill, you'll hit the old industrial section of Griffintown along with its stunning photos of decaying architecture and machinery.

Avenue Atwater

Follow Atwater all the way down and you'll be in Saint-Henri, one of Montreal's most Instagrammable neighbourhoods. Along with the Atwater Market and the Lachine Canal, make sure you have a ton of storage on your phone!

Rue Queen Mary 

Though it's a cute street, there's not all that much to see and do on Queen Mary.Although, there is Saint-Joseph's Oratory, Canada's largest church. It's stunning! Definitely not a bad backdrop for a couple Snaps.

Avenue Monkland 

Monkland is a great spot to go in the summer for Instagram shots because it has fantastic street art, cute restaurants, cute cafes, and whole lotta dogs walking around.

Rue Wellington 

Wellington runs through the Sud-Ouest and Verdun which are two of the most up-and-coming neighbourhoods in Montreal. The main street in the South is one of the best in the city for capturing that perfect moment!

Rue Saint-Patrick 

Saint-Patrick runs along the Lachine Canal in Pointe-Saint-Charles and boasts stunning shots of decaying architecture and even a couple of microbreweries. Urbex fans will have a blast here!

Boulevard Lasalle 

If you're less into selfies and more into stunning shots of natural landscapes, then you've come to the right street. This street overlooks the Fleuve Saint-Laurent and if you walk West, you'll end up at the Lachine Rapids where you might catch some surfers!

Chemin du Tour de L'Ile

While not technically a "street", this walkway that snakes around Parc Jean-Drapeau is one of the best spots for an Instagram photoshoot in the city! Go to one of the many music festivals and have fun!

Lakeshore Drive 

For a quiet, quaint and historic slice of Montreal, take a drive along Lakeshore in the West Island and see the cutest suburb on the island. You'll love this place if you crave the vibe of an East Coast seaside town.

Boulevard Gouin Ouest/Est

Gouin is Montreal's longest street and offers some of the best waterfront views in town. Riding along the North Shore will bring you to a myriad of nature reserves and tiny little suburbs.

Avenue Pierre-Dupuy 

If you're a fan of futuristic architecture and mind-bending engineering, you'll love this street. Yes, it's where the Habitat 67 is! Bike a little further along the street and you'll see a view of Montreal's skyline unlike no other!

If you haven't found your perfect Insta spot right now, I don't know what to tell you. You've got some picky taste, because Montreal truly provides endless backdrops for that perfect candid capture.

If you do head to any of these awesome spots, be sure to tag us in your picture and Insta story @mtlblog!

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