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The Arab World Festival Of Montreal Is Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary This Fall

Live shows, films, and a whole lot more!
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If you don't already have the Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal in your calendars, then you'll want mark it down ASAP. Also known as FMA or Arab World Festival, this annual event features three sections: Performing Arts, Culture Forum, and Cinema. The festival is organized by Alchimies, Créations et Cultures. 

From October 25 to November 17 at Place des Arts, this festival will host shows and exhibits that showcase artists, singers, actors, and dancers. There will also be live debates, conferences, lectures, and films that you can attend. There's definitely something different for everyone to do! 

This is the festival's 20th anniversary, so attendees can expect some really cool activities this year. The best part about this year's event is that you and one friend can win a passport to dozens of shows, concerts, and films. That means free access to all of these interesting cultural-learning opportunities!

[rebelmouse-image 26888871 photo_credit="Arab World Festival of Montreal" expand=1 original_size="3000x2000"] Arab World Festival of Montreal

Entering the contest is simple. All you need to do is like their Facebook or Instagram post, follow them on either platform, and tag a friend you'd like to bring with you. FMA will then choose the lucky winner! Yes — it's that easy. 

Most events will be at Place des Arts, but there will also be other events happening throughout the city, such as at the Gesù, Le National, UQAM, Cinéma du Parc, and others. So you can expect three weeks of Arabic cultural wonder throughout the city during this time. 

This year, the highlight is on women (yay female power!). The opening show is called "Et la Femme chanta Dieu." It features an artistic community exclusively made of women (musicians, singers, dancers, and whirling dervishes) that will celebrate the Divine in a concert uniting the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim sacred chants. How cool does that sound? 

This festival is the perfect chance for people of many cultures to join together and discover another culture through the arts. Every year, FMA attracts people from native Québécois to Arab immigrants, Latinos or Asians, and many others.

[rebelmouse-image 26888872 photo_credit="Arab World Festival of Montreal" expand=1 original_size="6000x4000"] Arab World Festival of Montreal

Montreal is known for being a place welcoming diversity, which is why its the perfect spot to host this unique experience. We love our city for this reason! And, for 20 years now, FMA has worked to build bridges between various communities and cultures here. 

At FMA, they hope to combine Eastern and Western cultures so people can discover more about each other and continue growing Montreal's diversity. Honestly, learning about others through music and art is the perfect way to increase cultural awareness anywhere!

Everyone loves an awesome end to a great story. That's why FMA has decided that the festival's closing show, "Oum par Elles," will be a tribute to a woman who shook the Arab world: the legendary, liberated, and powerful singer, Oum Kalthoum. There will be other female singers in this closing act as well.

FMA looks like it'll be THE cultural event of the year, so make sure you don't miss it, and be sure to participate in their contest. See all the deets you need below:

Arab World Festival's 20th Annivesary 

Price: There will be tickets and prices for specific shows 

Address: Place Des Arts, 175 Saint-Catherine St, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1Y9

When: October 25 to November 17

Why You Need To Go: Explore all the wonders of the Arabic culture through shows, art, and so much more. Plus, you can enter their contest to win free access to all the festivities for you and a friend!

To learn more about the Arab World Festival of Montreal, check out their website here. You can also find more information on their Instagram and Facebook page.