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The Backstreet Boys Were Spotted Dancing On The Bar At Montreal's Club La Voûte

Bakcstreet's back, alright.
The Backstreet Boys Were Spotted Dancing On The Bar At Montreal's Club La Voûte

Montreal was sent back to the 90s last night with the Backstreet Boys performing at a sold-out Bell Centre. And according to social media, it was everything our inner 90s tween could have imagined it was. 

But the concert was just a precursor to the real party; the boy band partied it up at the Old Port hotspot, La Voute

Of course, this was their official afterparty, but it's rare for such an up-close and personal show for such huge artists.

So while most of us were in bed Nick, Kevin, AJ, Brian, and Kevin finished their epic, and what must have been exhausting, Montreal portion of "D-N-A World Tour" and then headed to a club where they danced on the bar, put on another performance, and chatted with fans.

Lucky for us, fans took to Instagram to post videos of the event. No matter what your opinion of these guys is, they put on two great performances in one night

Fans at La Voute sang along to BSB's biggest hits like, “I want it that way” and "Everybody". 

This is the 18th time the guys have performed in Montreal and by the size of the crowds and the total outpouring of fan love, it won't be the last. 

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Can you believe the Backstreet Boys have been around for over two and half decades now?

And we still can't get enough of them. 

The Backstreet Boys have sold over 100 million records worldwide and their latest album, DNA debuted at number one. They are still the best-selling boy band ever

To all those lucky fans that got to see these guys dancing and singing it up at La Voute (just arm's length away), we salute you. You have just lived a childhood dream that many of us had.  

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