The Beginning Of Summer Is Officially Cancelled In Montreal

It will be just more of the same, according to CTV and an Environment Canada meteorologist.
The Beginning Of Summer Is Officially Cancelled In Montreal

May has been unseasonably cold and wet. In fact, we're on track to break an all-time record for most consecutive rainy days in May. If it rains tomorrow as predicted it will be the thirteenth consecutive day of rain, making it the longest rain streak for the month of May EVER.

And, unfortunately, things are not looking up for the month of June. So if you were hoping to start wearing shorts soon, you're going to have to hold off a little longer. A meteorologist with Environment Canada told CTV today that the month of June will be cold and rainy.

At least it's not hot and muggy, right? There have to be some positive things about this otherwise terrible weather.

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Simon Legault, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, told CTV that Montrealers will have to be patient a while longer, because summer is not exactly around the corner. The beginning of June will be cold and rainy.

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The end of June may be a little nicer, however, with "more seasonal" temperatures expected. And then we will start complaining about the heat...

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The Environment Canada monthly forecast confirms that temperature and precipitation will reach normal levels by the end of June. The agency predicts a relatively average month, suggesting that, given the meteorologist's report to CTV, the end of the month will compensate with warm, dry weather.

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Don't let the looming sad weather stop you from having fun. There are plenty of free indoor activities going down in the month of June. Interior Montreal venues also offer some of the most original date opportunities.

If you can't look forward to better weather, you can at least look forward to some awesome events.

A meteorologist with Environment Canada has stated that the rainy weather isn't expected to stop anytime soon. Cool, rainy weather is expected in early June before temperatures return to their seasonal averages later in the month.

Check out the original CTV article here.

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