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The Bell Centre Now Has A Monstrous $50, 5 Pound Poutine & It May Destroy You

"Two words: Sweet Jesus."
The Bell Centre Now Has A Monstrous $50, 5 Pound Poutine & It May Destroy You
  • The Montreal Bell Centre now sells 5-pound poutine that's made with 11 different ingredients.
  • Two men, Andy Mailly-Pressoir and Anthony J., decided to challenge themselves to eat one of these poutines each — and actually succeeded.
  • Watch the video of these guys devouring 10 pounds of poutine in under an hour below!

There are feats of bravery that can't be explained. Strengths so bold they leave you questioning your own fortitude. And right at the top of that list of courageous deeds is tackling the Montreal Bell Centre's new(ish) five-pound poutine. 

Designed by the Bell Centre, and people who hate your digestive system, the CHampionne poutine has 11 ingredients including fries, sweet potato fries, two types of cheeses, gravy, onion rings, pogos, pulled pork, and three different sauces. And let's not forget the green onions - for that splash of vegetables.  

If you're up for the challenge and think you can finish off this behemoth in less than 60 minutes, you could get the chance to win a pair of tickets for a Canadiens game and a free CHampionne to go along with it. Though the latter seems like a second attempt at murder. 

Host and reporter for TVA Sports, Andy Mailly-Pressoir, along with his friend Anthony J took on the challenge and posted their experience to Facebook. These men looked fear in the face and said, "Not today, my gravy covered friend." 

You can watch the hilarious full video below. Spoiler alert: they made it through, but looked rather worse for the wear. But it is still a spectacular eating demonstration.  

We had the chance to speak to Mailly-Pressoir who said, "the mistake that we made was that we started with the onion rings and pogo on top." 

While I can't imagine ending a meal on pogos and onion rings, after pounds of fries and cheese curds, who am I to judge another's eating style?

The CHampionne poutine is only available from between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. during the 5 à 6 promotion. It's located at the brand new M2 Marché-Montréal, so if you're still hungry you can check out the new food counters in the area. 

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The massive poutine will set you back $50, and a pair of new pants. A regular poutine is $6 during the 5 à 6, so value wise it doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

To take part in the challenge, you need to like, share, and tag your CHampion partner who you think could eat the poutine in under an hour.

The contest ends on December 1 and the winner will be announced the same day.

God speed. 

The Five Pound Poutine Challenge At The Bell Centre

When: Event nights from 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Where: 1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal; M2 Marché-Montréal

Cost: $50

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