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The Best Meteor Shower Of The Year Will Be Visible Over Montreal This Month

The Perseid meteor shower technically began July 17th, but we will soon be seeing the very best that it has to offer in less than two weeks, so we knew we had to give you all a heads up to make sure you didn't miss this spectacular natural lights show.

Now that the Loto-Quebec Fireworks are done for the season, we can count ourselves lucky that we're in the Northern Hemisphere and can easily take in the Perseids at their peak.

The Perseids can display over 100 meteors per hour when conditions are right... that's more than one shooting star every minute!

The Weather Network notes that the Perseids is the "one annual shower with the greatest number of fireballs - very bright meteors that are as bright as, or brighter than, the planet Venus."

This means the show will be one you don't want to miss. The map below, provided by NASA, shows that most of the planet will be able to take in this natural phenomenon.

[rebelmouse-image 26890552 photo_credit="NASA" expand=1 original_size="550x356"] NASA

The peak of the meteor shower will happen between August 12th and 13th, meaning you have just enough time to plan a little escape to somewhere without any light pollution.

The Weather Network also notes that a lot of people make a big mistake when they hear about an event like this and head out to take in the skies without any forethought.

The first important thing worth keeping in mind is light pollution. This means lights from buildings and nearby roads... but also even the moon!

Yes, the moon does count as light pollution and will be in full force on the nights mentioned above so you'll want to try and find a viewing spot that let you turn your back to la lune.

Also, for the best possible view, try and head out of the city... as far as you can. The less the din of the city can be seen, the more the spectacular natural light show will be able to shine.

And if you do just step out your back door to see what you can see, give your peepers at least 15 minutes to adjust before giving up!

If any star gazing events pop up around the city between now and the 12th, we'll let you know.

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