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The Boston Bruins Lost The Stanley Cup Last Night And No One Is Happier Than Habs Fans

Last night was the Stanley Cup finals. The last game of the season cemented the Blues' impressive comeback into NHL history. The Blues won the cup against all odds, beating the Bruins by 4-1.

No one hates the Bruins more than Habs fans. Ever since Chara broke Max Pacioretty's neck and left him with a concussion (and even long before then) Habs fans have despised the Boston team.

Habs fans have taken to Twitter to celebrate the triumph of the Blues over the Bruins. The reactions, though maybe a little mean-spirited, are totally hilarious.

The Blues' victory is even more impressive considering the fact that they were last in the league at the beginning of the year.

Though people are obviously happy for the Blues' win, I think it's clear that Habs fans are even happier that the Bruins lost.

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Like I said, the tweets are definitely not on the nice side... but I guess that's what you get with one of the oldest rivalries in NHL history.

People are particularly focused on Marchand's tears at the end of the game:

Habs fans can't get enough of the Bruins' "humiliating" loss.

While Toronto fans often like to think there's a rivalry between us and them, real Habs fans know there's only one enemy, and it's the Bruins.

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They are not the only fans happy to see the tough team take a loss. Let us remember the riots in Vancouver in 2011 when the Bruins beat the Canucks.

These Tweets almost make you forget that the Raptors are more popular than the Habs right now in Montreal.

While everyone has been caught up in the madness of the NBA finals, we've almost forgotten about the thing that matters most: watching the Bruins lose.

However, if you do start feeling some sports-related withdrawal, make sure to check out one of the two Raptors viewing parties being held in Montreal today for Game 6 of the NBA finals.

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