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The Canada's Drag Race Season 1 Queens Have Been Revealed & 2 Are From Montreal (VIDEO)

Watch the promo!
The Canada's Drag Race Season 1 Queens Have Been Revealed & 2 Are From Montreal (VIDEO)

The wait is over. The 12 queens who will compete on the debut season of Canada's Drag Race have been revealed — and two of them are from Montreal. Kiara and Rita Baga each shared the news on Instagram.

"Hold onto your tuques because Quebec doesn’t mess around," Kiara wrote in her post. 

"Thank you to everyone who has supported me since my beginnings, and especially to those who have helped me prepare for this larger-than-life adventure" (translated from French).

"Took me 13 years to have this chance, this amazing opportunity. I can’t believe the news is out today. She’s a RuGirl, baby!" Rita Baga exclaimed.

The queens' identities were released along with the first promo for the inaugural season and short introductory videos.

Canada's Drag Race premiers Thursday, July 2 on Crave.

Get to know your Montreal queens below!


21-year-old Kiara explains in her "Meet The Queens" video that she takes "inspiration from fashion magazines, from divas, for singers, from everybody who stands out fashion-wise."

As for her greatest strength, the queen suggested that her competition should look out when they're on the mainstage.

"I do everything. I do it all. So I'm gonna bring it every time I go on stage."

"Watch out. I'm ready."

Rita Baga

Rita plans to use her brains to get ahead of the other ladies. 

"I'm not much of a talker, I'm more of a doer."

"I'm gonna be a quiet killer and — you know — slowly destroy the competition one by one."

Could she be season one's dark horse?

Rita Baga and Kiara will face off against Anastarzia Anaquway, BOA, Ilona Verley, Jimbo, Juice Boxx, Kyne, Lemon, Priyanka, Scarlett Bobo, and Tynomi Banks.

Stay tuned for more news from the queens.

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