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The Canadian Border Services Agency Is Hiring In Quebec & Officers Can Make Up To $82,000

Good jobs are hard to find, so when you learn of a career that is not only interesting but also well paying, you want to tell everyone you know about it. And, since you lovely readers are my nearest and dearest, I just had to give you the scoop! Before we go into details, you need to ask yourself — are you an analytical, career-minded, committed person? Do you have strong communication skills, integrity, and respect? If you answered yes to all the above statements, then you may want to think about a Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) job.

Border service officers keep our country safe, filtering out illegal contraband and illicit substances. They also make legitimate trade and travel possible — a big source of income in our country.

From highway crossings to airports, from marine terminals to postal facilities, the CBSA enforces regulations that touch almost every part of Canada.

According to its website, the workforce is made up of 14,000 employees, including more than 7,700 uniformed officers across Canada and in 37 international locations. And, you could be one of them!

In addition to stimulating work, the pay is nothing to complain about. As a trainee, your annual salary will be anywhere between $64,234 and $71,525. The agency also pays for meals and accommodations during aspiring agents' time in the CBSA College.

Upon successful completion of the program, your salary will increase to somewhere between $69,486 to $82,411.

Benefits after six months, meanwhile, include health and dental insurance, as well as pension benefits. The entire process will take about three years but is very much worth it.

According to the CBSA website, applicants must be 18 years old or older, Canadian citizens or permanent residents, have a valid driver's license, and be a high school graduate, among other requirements.

Another important factor will be your willingness to relocate. But the agency does inquire as to your preferred work locations, so you may be able to stay put until you hear back.

If you are having a bit of doubt about being a good fit for the job, you can take an assessment test and find out before you apply!

It can take up to 1 full year for the CBSA to get back to you, so don't quit your job just yet! But it's never too late to start a new career. And, best of all, you can start the process today.

For more information on eligibility and recruitment events, refer to the agency website here!

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