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The Cartier Bridge Put On A Rainbow Light Show To Let Us Know That #çavabienaller (Video)

So beautiful!
The Cartier Bridge Put On A Rainbow Light Show To Let Us Know That #çavabienaller (Video)
  • Following the example of the Champlain Bridge, the Cartier Bridge has lit up with the colours of the rainbow.
  • An accelerated gif of the display shows that the bridge lights are actually changing colour over time.

Quebec residents are displaying rainbows in their windows as a way to add some colour to their neighbourhoods and keep their communities together during these dark times. Recently, however, the trend reached a new scale. Even the Champlain Bridge is displaying rainbow lights to send a message of hope to the city it serves. And now its sister, the Cartier Bridge has followed with its own rainbow light display.

The Jacques Cartier Bridge, which connects Montreal and the South Shore by way of Île Sainte-Hélène, "is an emblem of the Greater Montreal area because of its history and architecture," its website states.

The "iconic feature of Montreal’s urban landscape" and the "[subtly] flickering" lights that adorn it are supposed to represent the "vitality of Montrealers."

The lights usually only change colour every month, but the increasingly popular rainbow trend apparently had residents clamouring for the Cartier Bridge to take part.

"Many of you asked for it," Mayor Plante wrote on Twitter alongside an accelerated gif of the rainbow display, which shows the lights change colour over time

She called the colours a demonstration of the "hope, resilience, and solidarity of Montrealers."

"In these times of necessary social distancing, we realize more than ever how much we miss coming together in real life!" wrote Moment Factory, the multimedia entertainment studio responsible for the bridge lights.

"To bring a touch of hope and comfort during this period, the [Jacques Cartier Brdige] will be lit up like a rainbow starting tonight."

Photos and videos of the chill-inducing lights circulated on social media, spreading the message that "ça va bien aller."

Look and listen closely and you'll find demonstrations of solidarity throughout the city.

From flashing lights to balcony songs and lines of applause, Montreal residents are doing what they can to care for each other, even from afar.

Stay positive Montreal, we are all in this together.

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