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The City Of Montreal Refuses To Start Snow Removal

Montreal has seen a lot of snow so far this year, which is crazy because it's not even winter yet. 

We had 6.2cm on November 9, 11.2cm on November 16, and another 9cm over the last 3 days. And still it seems like the city of Montreal isn't planning any snow removal operations yet.

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According to the person in charge of snow removal, operations only starts once 10-15cm have fallen on the ground. And even though we got almost 30 cm of snow so far in November, because it didn't fall all at once, the city isn't planning on cleaning any of it up.

Instead they want to wait and let it melt on its own!

Here’s the thing though, the person who made that claim also said it was going to be 5°C on Sunday, but that's not true.

It's going to be -1°C on Sunday, and on Monday when things actually start warming up we’re expecting even more snow, so that plan probbaly wont work. 

Basically it looks like the snow is here to stay pretty much indefinitely. 

Here's the real problem: It may not seem like a lot of snow right now, and cars are still able to park on the sides of the street without any problems. But once the temperature dips below 0°C again, all those snow tire tracks (see photo below) start to freeze, they're going to be impossible to get rid of. 

Via 124359266 © Marc Bruxelle |

It happened in 2016 and parking downtown was a nightmare the entire winter season. 


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