The Creepiest Ads On Craigslist Montreal

From used remotes to people looking for "lipstick play," Craigslist has it all.
The Creepiest Ads On Craigslist Montreal

Craiglist is well-known as a site where you can buy and sell all sorts of products, look for jobs, and rent or lease apartments. It's even more known for user solicitations for a variety of bizarre services, from the sexual to the downright sad.

It took me exactly 0 seconds to find the first weird ad when I opened up Craigslist this morning. In fact, the first ads that popped up were by men and women (mostly men) seeking sexual favours.

I've compiled a list of some funny, creepy or downright weird ads from Craiglist Montreal below.

Note that these ads are subject to change or removal at any time.

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Work As A "Sexy Cleaning Lady"

Honestly, this seems like a bad deal because the man is offering $60 an hour, which is less than some professional cleaning services charge. Though, if you're getting really desperate for a summer job, it's nice to know that there are options.

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Eat Soup With A Lonely Dude

In the ad's words, "I'm currently making soup. I'm just preparing it right now, so I don't know yet if it'll be any good. It's a vegetable Soup ... I'll get back to you and if the soup tastes any good, I'll follow up with my address and details. Otherwise, I'll just thank you for your time."

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Buy Like 25 Remote Controls


I don't know who wants or needs this many remote controls, but I do know you can buy 25 remote controls for $100. "All are used, but in working condition."

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This Gloryhole Ad, Which Is Mainly Abbreviations I Don't Understand

I think he's soliciting services but I'm not sure. The whole thing is very confusing. All I know is that it apparently involves a gloryhole at an undisclosed location.

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Get Paid To Be A "VIP host for Bachelor Parties"

Get paid $50 an hour to show American tourists around Montreal. No French is required. According to the ad, "we plan the craziest and best bachelor parties that Montreal has to offer. We set it up, you make sure it all goes as planned." They go on to say that your salary would be "$250-350 per weekend plus tips (Rich Americans)."

Applicants must have an "ability to put yourself into awkward/uncomfortable situations."

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Someone Is Looking For An Unshowered Man

If you don't shower, women will be all over you! Trust me.

"No shaved or trimmed guys."

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Someone Thinks Their Romantic Life Is Sitcom-Worthy

The ad states, "I am looking for a writing partner to help me write a screenplay for a web series loosely based on my love life. The shit that happens to me is fucking ridiculous and it needs to be immortalized." Buddy, we all feel that way.

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Craigslist Is Apparently The Place To Find Lawyers

This dude is looking for a lawyer, and he's taking to Craigslist to do it. The best part? He links to an article about himself in the "more info" section.

More info.

This Man Wants To Pay You $400 To Hit Him With A Paddle

Yes, it's exactly what you think it is. "(no safe word)."

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Person Seeking "Lipstick Fetish Play"

Just when you thought you'd seen it all. As they say in Letterkenny, "different strokes for different folks."

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Old Man Seeks Young "Kinky" Girl

I really do wonder how many people answer these ads. "Older white nice man, excel shape, seeks kinky convivial girl 19+"

More info.

There you have it! You can of course waste some time browsing Craigslist yourself for some wild and crazy ads. Lord knows there's enough content on there to keep you occupied for hours.