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Montreal Just Got A 'Japanese Street Food Bar'

The very-first of its kind in the city!
Montreal Just Got A 'Japanese Street Food Bar'

A new restaurant in Montreal is dedicated to a classic Japanese dish. Kinoya Kushi Bar, the first of its kind in the city, is serving up kushikatsu, deep-fried pieces of meat and vegetables on a stick!

Located at 1242 rue Bishop, this new restaurant has quickly become a favourite. Open from 5 PM to midnight every single day, why not make kushikatsu tonight's dinner? 

A common street food in Osaka and Tokyo, the dish as it is presented by the Kinoya Kushi Bar is a welcome addition to the Montreal food-scape.

As part of the Kinoya family of restaurants in Montreal, known for the incredible Kinoya Izakaya, Kinoya Kushi Bar is certain to offer an incredible experience. Though only recently opened, reviewers are already raving about the unique vibes and the delicious food. 

Kinoya Kushi Bar is primed to breathe new life into the downtown core, where it stands out for its inventiveness among perhaps less exciting offerings. 

Make sure to order a sake bomb (or two) while you're enjoying the awesome Kinoya menu.

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The bar is a fantastic place to hang out and have a party with your friends thanks to the fully-stocked bar and awesome decor. It's kind of like stepping into a retro anime cartoon with funky angles and cute illustrations everywhere! 

With wooden panelling, lanterns, and pillows, Kinoya Kushi Bar follows a design similar to that of its sister restaurant. The two-floor restaurant is cozy but far from tiny! 

Step into a back alley in Osaka and discover all the delicious offering of Kinoya Kushi Bar! 

Here's everything you need to know.

WHAT: Kinoya Kushi Bar

WHERE: 1242 rue Bishop

WHEN: Open 5 PM to midnight, seven days a week. 

For more information about Kinoya Kushi Bar, check out the restaurant Facebook page here! Follow the bar on Instagram here