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UNIQLO Finally Confirms When It's Opening Its First Store In Montreal

We have to wait a little while longer!
The First UNIQLO Store In Montreal Is Officially Opening In 2020
  • In a statement posted to Instagram, UNIQLO Canada has confirmed it is opening a store in the Montreal Eaton Centre by the end of 2020.
  • Currently, Montrealers have to trek to Toronto or Boston to access a brick and mortar version of the popular Japanese retailer.
  • The UNIQLO online store opened in Canada in 2018.

UNIQLO lovers rejoice because we finally know when UNIQLO, one of Canada's most beloved clothing stores, is opening its first location in Montreal! 

There have been murmurings of a UNIQLO in Montreal for quite some time. You might remember that last month, it was finally confirmed that UNIQLO would open an all-new location in Montreal's Eaton Centre. The Japanese company didn't provide a time-frame, however. 

But now we can finally confirm that UNIQLO will open its doors in Montreal in time for the 2020 holiday season!

"We are excited to launch UNIQLO and offer our premium, affordable, and carefully designed LifeWear apparel to Montrealers and Quebecers, and to welcome them to our new store, which is a testament to the dynamism and renewal of the downtown core of Montreal with its opening at the Eaton Center at the end of 2020," said Yuichiro Kaneko, Chief Operating Officer of UNIQLO Canada. 

For those of you who have shopped at UNIQLO before, you know to expect premium quality clothing at an incredible price-point.

Montrealers have been able to order online for the past year or so but to get the full retail experience, one had to trek to Toronto or Boston. 

The good news is, starting in late-2020, Montrealers will no longer have to journey six hours to get their hands on some UNIQLO. 

The company is currently taking applications for a store manager. UNIQLO is looking for people who are "ambitious, hard-working, welcome new challenges, have a drive for success, and embrace the responsibility of leadership."

UNIQLO is a globally-renowned fashion brand whose intelligent designs and high-fashion collaborations earned them a reputation among the world's best retailers. People love UNIQLO because it couples low prices with high quality unlike many other "fast fashion" retailers. 

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Again, UNIQLO hasn't provided a specific date other than "late 2020" but it's safe to assume that the store will be ready by the next year's holiday season. 

If you've never shopped or seen UNIQLO before, you would do well to pick up some essential pieces from their online store. If you're a fashion fanatic and don't know about UNIQLO stop what you're doing and visit the store website

With recruitment already underway, expect there to be a lot more jobs opening up for the future store.

Many people say that UNIQLO is a "great place to work" and that the company provides a lot of growth and promotion opportunities. 

UNIQLO is set to open three new locations across Canada this November. 

Mark your calendars, Montrealers! UNIQLO is coming and it's going to be huge!

UNIQLO will be at Montreal's Eaton Centre in late-2020!

I'm so excited! Are you? 

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