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Montreal's Churro & Ice Cream Bar You Have To Try Before You Die

Fried-dough pastry perfection!
Montreal's Churro & Ice Cream Bar You Have To Try Before You Die

Sure, sure, ice cream is the expected summer treat, we know. That's why we've let you know about everything from ketchup ice cream to vegan soft serve and mojito popsicles

But if you're looking to change it up a little bit this week, consider a decadent churro instead...

Because Montreal's very own Papi Churro is now open on Sainte-Catherine and their churros look truly amazing.

Complete with neon sign, these churros really are photogenic. They're made in the shape of a loop and tucked into a perfect little churro holder to keep your hands clean... but no promises on that one. With all these toppings, stickiness is to be expected. 

Churros are a classic dessert of Spain and Portugal, though they are now celebrated worldwide. They're made of fried dough and most often sprinkled with cinnamon sugar - but why stop there?

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At Papi Churro, you don't have to settle for cinnamon sugar (though, you can't go wrong with a classic). Try their Oreo cookie, Peanut Butter or Sprinkle toppings!

Other signature churros on their all-new menu include the Papi Christo that comes with caramel sauce, marshmallows and walnuts. Or try la Casse Noisette, with mixed sprinkled onto a chocolate sauce.

I'm not drooling, you're drooling.

Previously located in the Plateau, Papi Churro is now right downtown, next to Beaudry metro on Sainte Catherine Est.

And if you really do want ice cream, don't think Papi Churro is going to leave you hanging. Get a scoop of the good stuff tucked right in there with your churro and get the best of both worlds. 

WHAT: Papi Churros

WHERE: 1201 rue Sainte-Catherine Est

WHEN: Open Tuesday - Saturday 1PM - 10PM
Sunday 12PM - 5PM
Closed on Mondays

To get all the details, head to Papi Churro's Facebook page here.

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