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The Government of Quebec Will Pay You $4,000 To Work In Europe This Summer

The deadline to apply is this week!
The Government of Quebec Will Pay You $4,000 To Work In Europe This Summer

LOJIQ, or Les Offices de Jeunesse Internationaux du Quebec, is an organisation that helps young Quebec students go abroad and put their skills to the test. Each year, they do this through intenrships and studies abroad. 

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TL;DR LOJIQ is offering 11 lucky people the opportunity of a lifetime to go study abroad and get paid for it. 

Learning abroad is a great way to foster interpersonal skills, learn a new language, and really put your every skill to the test. Unfortunately, many opportunities for internships abroad are unpaid "volunteer" internships, and are thus inaccessible to most students, who have to spend their summers saving money to afford their schooling. 

What makes this program different is that there is financial aid available. 11 lucky people will be able to go abroad, gain experiences, AND get a salary of $4200.

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Of course, there are requirements that candidates must fill in order to be admissible. Interested parties must be between 18-35, and be either unemployed or under-employed. They cannot be currently in school and must hold a degree. They must also be either a citizen or permanent resident.

If selected, you will have the opportunity to go to Belgium or France this spring or summer. Other destinations include Brazil and New Orleans, Louisiana. Job titles include translator, project manager, and marketing assistant.

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LOJIQ will cover 65% of your travel costs, and you will get $350 a week for each week of your internship.

If you're interested, you have to act fast: the deadline for some of these programs is sometime this week. 

Check out the LOJIQ websitehere to browse internship opportunities both within Canada and abroad!

Good luck!

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