Quebec Is Consistently Ranked Happiest Province In Canada & These Are Its Happiest Towns

La Belle Province ranks 7% happier than the rest of the country.
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The Happiest Province In Canada Is Quebec & These Are Its Happiest Towns

The happiest province in Canada is Quebec according to not one, but two separate research studies. La Belle Province, with all its potholes and problematic politicians, outranks all other provinces in many important factors such as personal well-being, home affordability, and sense of community. 74% of Quebecers reported feeling happy compared to only 67% of Canadians. In fact, if Quebec was an independent nation, it would rank 2nd in the world for overall happiness. 

Quebecers lead the charge in almost all happiness categories according to a Gandalf Group study conducted for the Globe and Mail in 2019. The study revealed some surprising figures about the reality of life in Quebec. 

76% of Quebecers are satisfied with their mental health compared to only 67% in the rest of Canada. 65% in Quebec have great relations with their neighbours compared to only 52% of Canadians. Experts point to our province's excellent social support system and to our legendary work-life balance as primary reasons for such high levels of happiness. There's also a heightened sense of community and culture thanks to the French language and increasing diversity. 

Though it might not always feel like it, we're blessed to live in the happiest province in the country! Here are some of the happiest cities that you can live within it.

The following information on the happiest cities in Quebec is sourced from a 2019 peer-reviewed UBC Economics and McGill University study on happiness in Canadian cities,, and


Average rent:$400-$600/month (1 bedroom apartment)

Average salary:$55,000/year

Saguenay is a perfect small-ish town that has enough of an urban vibe to make you feel connected but is surrounded by a huge nature reserve so you're always a step away from adventure. It's still super affordable to live in Saguenay and nature lovers will be in absolute paradise.


Average rent:$400-$500/month (1 bedroom apartment)

Average salary:$61,000/year

Trois-Rivières is a historic city on the banks of the Saint-Lawrence River that was settled in 1643. Recently, the city has seen an urban boom and slowly becoming a popular tourist destination. Like Quebec City, Trois-Rivières has that old world charm that's still super affordable and with plenty of modern amenities.

Ville Cap-Chat

Average single-family home price:between $80,000-$250,000

Average salary:$46,511/year

This small town in the Gaspé peninsula takes its name from being vaguely cat-shaped and we think that's totally adorable. The town is primarily known for its huge wind farm which features the world's tallest wind turbine. Lovers of sea-side small towns and Atlantic sea breezes will feel right at home in Cap-Chat.

La Tuque

Average single-family home price:$119,900

Average salary:$49,280/year

Explorers had a knack at naming things after what the land looks like. In La Tuque's case, that's a mountain that looks like a tuque. Though it has a relatively small urban area, the surrounding municipality is the largest in Canada. La Tuque is famous for its large paper mill and major hydroelectric plant along with woods and rivers full of prime game and camping spots.


Average single-family home price:$179,900

Average salary:$58,000/year

Victoriaville is famous for being a major producer of wood products like hockey sticks and furniture and was where former Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier would spend his summers. Recent investments, including two shopping malls, a small airport, and a large dairy factory, have reinvigorated the sleepy town and it's now slowly becoming a go-to spot for families in the province.

Quebec City

Average rent:$600-$900/month (1 bedroom apartment)

Average salary:$45,825/year

We all know it and love it and might've even visited Quebec City on a school field trip. One of Canada's oldest cities is also one of its happiest, with many residents there claiming affordable housing options and an enriched culture as their top reasons for staying.

Keep on smiling, Quebec!

Teddy Elliot
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