Montreal's Spring Flower Market Is Coming Back & You Can Watch Butterflies Take Off

Stock up on spring garden essentials.
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The Hochelaga Flower Market Is Coming Back & You Can Watch Butterflies Take Off

If temperatures this week are any indication, spring is just around the corner. Anticipation for the seasonal change is palpable in the streets of Montreal, where springtime clarity has replaced the winter haze that hung over the city. The metropolis is on the cusp of a literal and figurative bloom. So it's appropriate that today we share the news that the Hochelaga Flower Market is coming back this year.

The now-annual event will present its third edition in May, according to the website of La Société de développement commerciale d’Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

"This event is for young and old, alike, and will allow you to get the gardening season off to a great start!" says the company.

The ephemeral market will include:

- "seedlings, perennials, annuals, and flowers;"
- "organic and eco-friendly products;"
- and "accessories and other garden essentials."

A "butterfly flight" is also planned. Photos from last year's event suggest that participants will get to help launch monarch butterflies into the neighbourhood.

The list of vendors this year is also unconfirmed. But last year, participating merchants included:


Argile Café & Atelier

Terre à Soi

Tisanerie Mandala


Babylone Hydro-Organique

Mercier-Hochelaga isn't the only Montreal borough to host springtime flower and plant sales.

Last year, le Sud-Ouest, Plateau, and Verdun were the sites of free plant giveaways, where residents could pick up flowers, herbs, vegetable plants, mulch, and compost to kickstart their seasonal gardens.

It's unclear if those events are coming back in 2020, but Montrealers should stay tuned for a flurry of spring events to be announced in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, get all the details on the Hochelaga Flower Market below.

Hochelaga Flower Market 2020

Where: Place Simon-Valois

When: May 16-18, 2020

Why You Need To Go: To pick up some flowers as monarch butterflies fly around you.


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