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The Holi Festival Of Colours Is Coming To Montreal This Summer

August 10th will be the most colourful day of the year!
The Holi Festival Of Colours Is Coming To Montreal This Summer

The Holi Festival in India is an annual holiday celebrated by Hindus that marks the arrival of spring and wishes for a good spring harvest. The festival is celebrated all day and night and happens in March. 

Though it's an ancient Hindu tradition, the festival is celebrated all around the Asian continent. Holi requires one to dress head-to-toe in white and get smeared with a wide variety of colours. Revellers also carry water-guns and water balloons, as such, there's a veritable free-for-all in the streets of India. 

Though we're a little late to the party, Montreal has its own Holi Festival of Colours that is happening this August 10th at the Old Port of Montreal! 

Inspired by the ancient Hindu tradition, Montreal's Holi Festival of Colours is a combined music and happiness festival where we can all let loose, throw colours at each other, and dance to some dope beats.

This year's edition will feature 2 live bands and DJs playing Bollywood, Bhangra, house, indie, Reggaeton, and even Latin music! 

The chief attraction will be the colour throwing, though! Thousands of people will descend upon the Old Port near the Quai-de-Horloge and will pelt each other with colour-filled balloons and water-guns. 

Organizers recommend that people wear white for maximum colour coverage but it isn't mandatory. In fact, white t-shirts will be sold on site so don't worry if you feel left out in a sea of white!

I suggest you wear clothing you don't ever plan on wearing again because as you can see from the photos, you won't be able to wear your clothes after celebrating!

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Every ticket sold will come with a bag of colour so that you can join in the fun. If you run out, colour bags are sold on-site for just $3 bucks! No, you cannot bring your own colour powder. 

Early-bird tickets are now on sale at the low low price of $14.95 each. After the pre-sale, tickets will be available for $19.95. 

There will even be a fireworks display at night! The event starts at noon and will continue all day until 11 PM!

August 10th is set to be Montreal's most colourful day of the year! For complete details, please visit the Holi Festival of Colours Montreal's official site

Everything you need to know:

WHAT: Holi Festival of Colours

WHERE: Quai de l'Horloge at the Old Port 

WHEN: August 10th, 2019 @ 12 PM - 11 PM.

For full details, click here

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