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The Home Alone Production In Montreal Is Looking For A Double For The New Lead Kid

They'll get to be Archie Yates' stand-in!
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The Home Alone Production In Montreal Is Looking For A Double For The New Lead Kid

After speaking with the extras casting director from Casting Quarters, MTL Blog can confirm two things: it is responsible for casting the new Home Alone movie filming in Montreal and is actively searching for a photo double for the new starring child played by actor Archie Yates. I, too, when seeing a job posting for "photo double" was confused about what exactly a position like this would entail. So naturally, I went to Google to answer my question. 

Turns out that a photo double must be practically identical to the actor who they occasionally replace. In this case, that would be Archie Yates. According to Smyth Casting, the person selected will mostly be used for back-of-the-head shots and shots that involve getting in and out of cars.

Whoever gets the part will be paid $28.25 per hour. And since it's likely to be a kid with (potentially) their first job, they're going to have high expectations for their salaries moving forward. Or in other words, they're going to be one rich kid.

If I notice that the agency starts looking for Ellie Kemper or Rob Delaney, I'll make sure to let you know.

The contract for Yates' stand-in includes necessary availability in Montreal for several dates between February 5 and April 7

The original Facebook post said they would need to be available from today, February 3, but since they haven't seemed to find Yates' photo double yet, this isn't possible.

[rebelmouse-image 26886995 photo_credit="Courtesy of Casting Quarters" expand=1 original_size="294x350"] Courtesy of Casting Quarters

The agency's casting director for extras never confirmed Yates' name but did use his image.

If you're wondering how to apply for such a job, here is what Casting Quarters' extras casting director told us:

"They must register at (It’s free and always has been)."

"Then send us an email at with a selfie."

So, if you know anyone with a height of 4'7" that weighs between 100 to 115 lbs, tell them to apply to be Archie Yates' photo double (or get their parents to do it for them).

This could be the beginning of one kid's career in film!

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