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The Montreal Alouettes Are Officially Cancelling Their Cheerleading Team

The team "will not be back" for the 2020 season.
The Montreal Alouettes Have Cut Finances To The Cheerleading Team

According to an announcement by the former coach of the Montreal Alouettes cheerleading squad, Annie Larouche, due to financial reasons, the organization has decided to cut the cheerleading team. The decision evidently comes into effect immediately, as Larouche indicates the team "will not be back in 2020." The 2020 CFL season starts on June 11 and runs until the end of October.

The Alouettes Cheerleaders were composed of over 30 men and women, including Larouche who was born and raised in Montreal and has been with the team for 24 seasons. 

In her Facebook post, which you can see in full below, she notes her own "adventure with the Alouettes continues for season 25," as she will continue her work with young people through the Alouettes Foundation.

As for the members of her team: the future is less certain.

The Montreal Alouettes was recently bought by a father-in-law and son-in-law duo from Ontario after a seven month stretch of being held under the ownership of the CFL. 

In her post, Laroche notes explain, "in the current context of the organization, there are difficult financial decisions to be made and we are part of them."

Below is the full Facebook post by Annie Laroche. It reads, "it is with a broken heart that I announce that the cheerleading team will not be back in 2020. In the current context of the organization, there are difficult financial decisions to be made and we are part of them."

"I have literally spent half my life surrounded by amazing girls and guys. To all of you who have been part of my second family for the past 24 years, I want you to know that I am a better person because of you."

"Your unique personalities have allowed me to grow and I will be eternally grateful for having you in my life. You have been a source of inspiration and pure happiness and I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished together."

"Be proud because you are one of my greatest achievements."

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It would seem the decision was a recent one, considering this post to @AlsCheerleaders official Instagram account, which was posted on November 14, 2019.

The announcement of the Alouettes' purchase by Sid Spiegel and Gary Stern of S and S Sportsco happened on January 6, 2020.

The Alouettes recently became one of the few CFL teams to invite male dancers as well as female dancers to make up a "stunt team."

Some Montrealers have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment and dismay that summer 2020 at the Stade Percival-Molson will not feature the Als Cheerleaders.

I guess the only thing Montrealers can do is head over to the Alouettes website and buy some season tickets for as little as $300 for 5 months of games.

If you like football, this really is the best way to support the team. And pray it means we can get the Als Cheerleaders back.

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