The Montreal Alouettes Were Bought By 2 Ontarians & Many Fans Are Pissed

"Nobody knows the cultural nuances of Montreal sports fans like a couple of steel magnates from the Hammer."
The Montreal Alouettes Were Bought By 2 Ontarians & Many Fans Are Pissed
  • The Montreal Alouettes have just been bought out by two out-of-province businessmen, and it seems that many aren't happy about it.
  • The two new owners are Ontarians, while many believe it should be Quebecers owning a Montreal team.
  • See what Alouette fans are saying about the new team owners below.

The news is in, sports fans. The new owners of the Montreal Alouettes have finally been announced, and they may not be the Quebec sports moguls that you imagined. No, in fact, the new owners are Sid Spiegel and Gary Stern, a father-in-law and son-in-law duo from Ontario who both work at Crawford Steel in Hamilton. This ends a 7-month stretch where the team was being held under the ownership of the CFL, awaiting a buyer, according to the CFL. 

Spiegel and Stern will co-own the team together under the company name S and S Sportsco, and Stern will also "serve as the Alouettes’ lead governor on the CFL board of governors," the CFL explains.

Head coach, Khari Jones, will stay on after moving out of his interim role and signing a 3-year deal in November. 

Spiegel and Stern will also be seeking out a new President and GM to run the team, whose season will kick off in May.

Of the new President, Stern was sure to note that "the next president of the Alouettes will speak French," according to La Presse sports writer Alexandre Pratt.

However, even with that promise, many Alouettes fans were less than happy to find out that the team would now be owned by two out-of-province businessmen.

Translation: The two new owners of the Alouettes... Talking heads who say nothing of value... It takes Ontarians to buy. Quebec a bunch of fake rich... where are our famous dragons?

Some people also expressed disappointment that Montreal-born Peter M. Lenkov, a Concordia film student and writer-producer of Hollywood television shows like Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver, didn't end up in this position, as was rumoured in the past.

Translation: No Franco. I imagine that this is called MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for the Commissioner. That said, good luck, the Alouettes must survive.

Response: Crazy right? And they confessed that they never set foot at Stade Percival ... I imagine that when you are worth 1G ... You don't need to visit your houses before buying them.

Even worse, the announcement of the new owners on Réseau des sports (RDS), the French sister-network of The Sports Network, was broadcast only in English and without subtitles.

Translation: Not a strong chief! #RDS has provided NO French translation for the announcement of the unilingual ANGLOPHONE Commissioner in n #Québec 80% FRANCOPHONE? Serious, it’s hard @RDSca 😡😡 The announcement of the new owners of #alouettes this done in ENGLISH! SHAMEFUL!

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Some people were less concerned with where the new owners were from or if they spoke French and more about the sports sphere Speigel and Stern are entering, perhaps a little unaware of the cultural climate.

Translation: The new owners of the Alouettes have never seen the Percival-Molson stadium. Ok...

But just because these two "steel magnates from the Hammer," aka Hamilton, Ontario, are out of towners doesn't mean they don't share the same love, passion and desire for the Grey Cup as long-time Alouette fans.

In response to a question about the opportunity to purchase the Argos a couple of years back, Stern was quick to share why he didn't jump on the chance.

"The Argos suck," he said.

And we can be sure the Argos heard that.

Of course, not all fans are disappointed with this news. The team is still owned by a Canadian duo, who are family no less. They are clearly passionate about the CFL and have high hopes for their new team.

So, will you take in any Alouettes games this spring?

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