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A Look Inside 9 Of Montreal Canadiens’ Players Homes (Photos)

The Habs are just like us, only in nicer houses!
A Look Inside 9 Of Montreal Canadiens’ Players Homes (Photos)
  • Is anyone else always curious about what the inside of the Montreal Canadiens' homes looks like?
  • Well, we sure are, so we went looking through their Instagram accounts searching for answers.
  • And we shared photos of our findings with you below!

The Montreal Canadiens are some of our biggest local celebrities. Not only do we follow their career but thanks so social media, we can all now follow their day to day lives. From being some of the best damn dog dads to confessing their love for their special someone, a lot of Habs players make their life public on social media. And knowing how high their salaries are, we can't help but wonder what their living arrangement may look like.

As someone who loves getting a glimpse into homes of the elite, I love when players and their significant others post little snippets of their perfectly decorated homes on social media. It makes fangirling even easier.

Social media has a way of humanizing these hockey players that we in Montreal hold at such high standards. There's something especially humanizing about seeing a celebrity home that proves they're really just the same as us normal folk. From charming family homes to bachelor pads, it seems that each player has their style when it comes to home decor.

The following pictures give us a little taste of life off the ice and behind closed doors. The comfort, the love, and the home-like vibes all are shown through their social media pages. And yes, it makes for some really great content.

Carey Price

Not only does Price have a beautiful family, but his picturesque master bedroom gives you a little idea of what a stunning home he lives in. I really love the black and white photos of him and his wife, Angela Price, sitting over the bed — looks straight out of a Pinterest board!

Brendan Gallagher

As the hunky Habs player poses with his cologne, you are able to get an idea of what his bachelor pad is like. The leather couch combined with the black lamp and cool prints shows that he has a bit of a flair for decor.

Tomáš Tatar

Tomáš Tatar and girlfriend Veronika Venuska are #couplegoals. The pair, along with their dog, have travelled the globe with one another, while sharing many of their adventures on Instagram.

The first photo displays their little family in what I can only imagine is their living room. The tan couch and beautiful throw pillows combined with the cool black and white, with pops of yellow print that add a nice touch.

The second photo shows their unique Halloween costumes. What I love most about the picture is the print, above the fireplace that reads "Home Sweet Home." This confirms, to me, that it is likely to be their actual home — or at least one of them.

Max Domi

When Max Domi signed his contract with the Montreal Canadiens, he did so while sitting in an oh so elegant office. I wonder if he read the fine print with that magnifying glass!

Phillip Danault

Philip Danault and his wife are truly an adorable couple. And, this family photo gives you a little insight into their personal style. The floating wood stairs and glass features give an architecturally pleasing allure to this home, and I gotta say I'm really into it!

Jeff Petry

How adorable is this floral arrangement found in Jeff Petry's home? He posted the photo on Instagram with the caption "No better way to celebrate our homecoming," so sweet!

Paul Byron

Paul Byron took to social media to show his love for Cold-FX but the only thing I'm paying attention to is his beautiful backyard. I especially love the fire pit that's lingering behind him.

Charles Hudon

I don't know what's more beautiful, Charles Hudon's baby or the home she's sitting in. I wish I could get a full view of this picture-perfect living room.

Dale Weise

Dale Weise may be a beast on the ice but at home, he is kind of like a modern-day super dad. His beautiful family is seen in this photo posing in his jaw-dropping kitchen. Check out that backsplash!

Xavier Ouellet

I love everything about this photo and video of Ouellet and his family. The coziness and love are felt through the screen. And as a bonus, we get a look into his warm and welcoming home.

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