The Montreal Canadiens Can Somehow Even Make Beetlejuice Look Hot (Photos)

The Habs did not disappoint this Halloween.
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The Montreal Canadiens' Halloween Costumes Somehow Even Make Beetlejuice Look Hot (Photos)

Yes, even though Halloween is (apparently) postponed in Montreal, our own Montreal Canadiens got into the Halloween spirit at their annual Halloween party. 

Though they celebrated a little early (they are currently on a Western road trip), the Habs went all out with their costumes. As is tradition, the team gathered at an undisclosed location for a night of fun with friends and family. 

This year's "Habsloween" featured numerous pop culture references and some creative uses of masks. Habs forward Nate Thompson truly impressed with his shockingly handsome Beetlejuice costume. And Carey Price was an absolute smoke-show. 

I'm not sure if we can choose a winner out of all these awesome costumes, but the cutest was definitely Flambo. The Habs pooch dressed up in his favourite vintage jersey and "carved" a pumpkin. 

Trust me, if the Montreal Canadiens players can somehow make Beetlejuice look hot, you're gonna want to see these costumes!

Flambo the Dog

We know him and love him as the Canadiens' newest and cutest teammate. Flambo did an excellent job at carving a pumpkin don't you think?

Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Nick Suzuki, and Cale Fleury as Money Heist 

The Habs' youngest players wore costumes inspired by the Netflix series Money Heist. Leave it to the kids to pick something from Netflix.

Victor Mete as Austin Powers 

Victor Mete and his girlfriend Courtney rocked a killer "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" couples costume. Mete looks pretty good in velvet.

Christian Folin as a Viking

Habs defenceman Christian Folin and his spouse Hannah kept it classic and close to their roots with a Viking costume.

Nick Cousins as the Wolfman

Nick Cousins might be new to the Habs but he and his wife certainly came prepared for the Halloween party!

Nate Thompson as Beetlejuice 

As I mentioned before, Nate Thompson makes a ridiculously handsome Beetlejuice. He should wear that suit everywhere.

Joel Armia as SAW 

Habs winger and leading goal scorer Joel Armia and his girlfriend went with a classic horror theme and rocked a couple's "SAW" costume.

Tomas Tatar as whatever this is (does anyone know?) 

Now, at first, I thought Tatar was Neegan from The Walking Dead but he's chained up and wearing a scary bear head. His wife is some kind of doll or zombie?

I'm confused, help me out.

Carey Price as Prince Eric

Oh wow. First of all, what a beautiful family.

Second of all, can we all appreciate Carey's jawline for a minute?

...and Gomez Addams! 

OH WOW. Help, I've got the vapours.

And finally...

Pumpkin carving for a good cause

The Habs' spouses and girlfriends got together at the Ronald Macdonald House on behalf of the team and carved pumpkins for a good cause!

Happy Halloween, Montreal!

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Teddy Elliot
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