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The Montreal Canadiens Just Signed Flambo The Dog To A Lifetime Contract (Photos)

After months of negotiation, both parties agreed to a lifetime contract with plenty of treats and cuddles.
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The Montreal Canadiens Just Signed Flambo The Dog To A Lifetime Contract (Photos)
  • Flambo the beloved dog will stay with the Montreal Canadiens as an ambassador to the Mira Foundation.
  • Fans can expect to see Flambo at games and Mira events!

With the first game of the season finally in the books, the Montreal Canadiens had a chance to focus on some housekeeping before their game this Saturday. The Habs have agreed on a lifetime contract with their 2018 cutest overall pick, Flambo. 

The Tricolore drafted the nine-week-old Saint-Pierre Labernese puppy in December and he instantly endeared himself to Canadiens fans with his floppy ears and cuddly face. A highly-touted prospect, Flambo used to play for the Mira Foundation, an organization that trains puppies to help people with various disabilities. 

Slated to be the first-line centre for the Mira Foundation, an unfortunate medical condition derailed Flambo's career as a limited mobility service dog. The Canadiens, seeing an opportunity to have a huge asset to their team, just signed Flambo to a lifetime contract this morning. 

Negotiations were intense, but both parties agreed to a contract with plenty of treats and a whole lot of cuddles. A smiling Flambo told reporters this morning that "woof woof, bork woof woof" — which roughly translates to "I'm really happy with the contract and I'm looking forward to being a Montreal Canadien for life." 

Though Flambo won't be joining the Canadiens on their road trip, expect to see him at the home opener on October 10.

Flambo recently celebrated his first birthday, making him the youngest pupper in the history of the NHL to earn a lifetime contract. 

Surrounded by friends and family, Flambo marked the occasion in the Habs dressing room the only way he knew how — with cake and his team's jersey. 

Flambo first gained attention last season when he showed up at a Montreal Canadiens practice and displayed skills beyond his years. 

For a puppy, Flambo's instincts on the puck and his backchecking abilities were too good for coach Claude Julien to ignore. 

His skating was a bit of a concern going into this season, but with added cuteness and a year's worth of experience under his fur, Flambo's value to the team is obvious.

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Flambo's IQ is off the charts, too. He successfully predicted last year's Super Bowl winner and can melt even the toughest hockey player with his stare. 

Flambo hopes that his presence in the Canadiens' dressing room can have an impact on morale and help the team win their elusive 25th Stanley Cup. 

Now that his career as a service dog is out of the question, Flambo can focus on his one true love: representing the Montreal Canadiens on the ice and off the ice. 

Flambo is expected in the lineup on home opening night, pending evaluation.

One thing is for sure, Flambo will likely be the most popular Montreal Canadien to ever don the Tricolore. 

The Montreal Canadiens will host the Detroit Red Wings for their home opener on Thursday, October 10th!

Go Habs Go!

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