The Montreal Metro Now Has Anti-Sexual Harassment Posters (Photos)

The new initiative begins today.
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The Montreal Metro Now Has Anti-Sexual Harassment Posters (Photo)
  • The Montreal metro now has anti-sexual harassment posters up to help combat the issue throughout the public transportation network.
  • Created by the Centre Centre d'éducation et d'action des femmes you can also see the posters up across the city. 

Cat-calling and other forms of street harassment are all too prevalent on the streets and on the Montreal metro. Far too many women in the city have to dodge men's unwanted advances, and though there's some awareness on the issue, too often this problem is trivialized. 

Instead of blaming the creepy guy that cat-called you and is now leering at you on the metro, society will often blame women for "inviting" harassment. I'm a guy and I've never heard comments like, "you'll invite creeps if you wear that" or "don't walk around in this neighbourhood after dark."

Real-life efforts to blame and shame the perpetrators of sexual harassment have been grossly lacking in Montreal. Seeing such a lack of real-life awareness, Montreal's Centre d'éducation et d'action des femmes (CEAF), just started an awesome initiative to bring awareness to this all-too-prevalent problem. 

Starting today, the streets of Montreal and the metros will be adorned with four different posters that aim to bring awareness to four issues that women face in the city every day.

One of the campaign's main objectives is to call out the harassers and make them responsible for their actions.

The four posters (seen below), detail the common forms of street harassment that women in Montreal face on a daily basis. 

The posters have four scenarios, including cat-calling in the streets, in the park, metro groping, and straight-up homophobia.

CEAF hopes that these posters will raise awareness for these issues and some even task those who witness harassment to speak up against it. 

With grants from the City of Montreal and the government of Quebec, this initiative from CEAF hopes to expose the true perpetrators of sexual harassment and mobilize the public to call out injustice where ever it occurs. 

In 2016, the group Women In Cities International was hoping to end this pervasive trend in Montreal by installing "no cat-calling zones" on Montreal streets. 

A report on cat-calling from CBC Montreal indicated that men in Montreal are hugely unaware of the consequences and effects of street harassment.

Just last summer we published an article about a woman who came forward after someone sent her an unsolicited dick pic while travelling on the STM's Orange metro line.

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Last week, the CEAF announced the launch of their initiative that will be seen around Montreal for the first time today.

Sexual street harassment takes all kinds of forms. While cat-calling is perhaps the most pervasive, there have been reports of women getting followed, groped, and even men masturbating in front of them.

It's up to the public to call out the perpetrators and support women who are victimized by street harassment, according to the CEAF's initiative. 

Naming and shaming work well online so with more exposure and education on how to confront and end sexual street harassment in real life, the public will be better equipped to take action. 

Look out for the posters around the city today!

If you spot someone getting harassed, be a responsible citizen - speak out and lend a helping hand where you can. 

For more information about the CEAF, please visit their official website

Teddy Elliot
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