Montreal Just Got An All-New Korean Dumpling & Bibimbap Bar

Vietnamese coffee with toasted sesame seeds, suffed bao, and, of course, bibimbap!!!
Bibiko bibimbap bar in Montreal

Bibiko, a new venture on rue St-Viateur in the Montreal Mile End, has as its mission to foster community and collaboration over food. The bibimbap bar is an inventive space that offers carefully crafted food samples and an opportunity to learn something new.

The bar menu includes Vietnamese coffee with toasted sesame seeds, suffed bao, and, of course, bibimbap. 

But as exciting as these food items is Bibiko's commitment to transparency. The striking space design opens up the kitchen to public view. Visitors can watch Bibiko's chefs at work and even become familiar with a new recipe.

Food production is a community enterprise at Bibiko. 80% of its products are locally sourced, the other 20%, the owner told MTL Blog, is imported from Asia.

The chic but casual space makes room for community engagement, as well. Long dining tables and a wrap-around central bar allows customers to interact easily with each other and with staff.

Visitors can also sit down and get some work done in a meeting room in the back that is available to reserve.

"Bibiko is a gathering place. Our wish is that the restaurant translates the Asian values, centered on the community. Around the bowl, we gather, we eat and exchange," the Facebook page explains.

"Our recipes blend the spirit of traditional and modern Asian cuisine to offer quality, fast meals that utilize local ingredients. Our culinary designers come from diverse backgrounds and possess a refined palette of Korean, Japanese, South Asian, Latin American and local flavors."

"For us, it's clear that diversity tastes better. Diversity takes us elsewhere."

Bibiko is now open and already a popular lunch destination for locals. Check it out this weekend!

Here's everything you need to know.

What: Bibiko, Bibimbap Bar

When: Monday – Saturday, 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Where: 31 rue St-Viateur E.

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