Montreal's Old Port Clock Tower Is Free To Climb This Summer

The famous clock tower opens on May 31st!
Montreal's Old Port Clock Tower Is Free To Climb This Summer

Montreal is in full bloom, literally and figuratively. As the leaves and flowers finally pop-open, so too does the city. Montreal restaurants have flung open their doors onto outdoor terrasses while festivals and events have begun to release their summer schedules.

Longstanding summer traditions have also made a comback for the 2019 season. This week, for example, the Montreal Old Port Clock Tower is set to reopen for the year! The highest floors of the famous tower offer some of the most spectacular views of the Montreal downtown and Old Port skylines.

We sent our video team to the historic clock tower to take in the experience and speak with a representative from the Old Port. Take a look!

The official Old Port Facebook page shared news about the reopening at the end of last month. The post below reads: "Starting May 31st, the Clock Tower will be open for the season! Entrance is free, the climb is a great cardio exercise and the view at the top is worth the pain!"

You read that correctly: the Clock Tower climb is FREE!

The May 31st opening was actually a postponement. The tower had been closed for necessary maintenance. The tower will close once again on September 2nd.

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According to the Old Port website, the tower is 45 metres high and "marks the entrance to the port" as "a memorial to sailors lost at sea in wartime." Interestingly, "the structure was originally designed to conceal the unsightly sheds that once lined the quays."

The tower will be open to visitors every day from 11 AM to 7 PM, so Montrealers can get a great view of the dusky summer sky as the wun sets behind the city — if they're brave enough to attempt the 192 steps after a full day of summer activities.

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Everything you need to know:

What: Old Port Clock Tower

Where: 1 Clock Tower Quay

When: 11 AM – 7 PM; May 31st – September 2nd

For more information, refer to the Old Port website here!