Montreal's Olympic Park Has Installed Giant Boulders You Can Now Climb

So, urban bouldering is a thing. I don’t know, I guess it needs to be specific so as not to be confused by suburban bouldering or rural bouldering. 

Now you can urban boulder to your heart's content at the Olympic Park for no cost at all! Rock climbing company, OnSite, has installed two giant granite blocks at the location and as of yesterday, it’s finally open to the public.

This gives everyone of all ages and all rock climbing ability to experience climbing on real rock without having to leave the city. 

OnSite has been working on this installation since back in November. They specifically chose three granite blocks, weighing over 130,000 pounds in total, and relocated them to Montreal.  The rocks were then designed and enhanced specifically for the park with climbing grades from V2 (super easy) to V10 (hang on for dear life). 

If you're an indoor climber, just be aware that climbing outdoors is pretty different and grades can vary by rock, location and even the time of day.

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Since the rocks are located in a public park there is no opening or closing time. You can climb these bad boys at anytime day or night, 24/7.  I see drunk climbing shenanigans in many people's future. 

All you need to bring is your climbing shoes, chalk and your own crash pad (there are none currently in place) in case of any slips or falls. 

Keep an eye out for the app OnSite will be releasing in the next couple of days,  it will include a full topography of the boulders. 

Bloc Urbain At the Olympic Park

WHEN: Now open 24/7!

WHERE: 2727 Boulevard Pie-IX

COST: Free!