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A Montreal Man Is Organizing A "Redhead Festival" With Free Shots For Anyone With Red Hair

It's designed to make people with red hair "feel like royalty."
The Montreal Read Head Festival Will Include Free Shots For Anyone With Red Hair

The quirkiness that permeates our city has always been my favourite part of being a Montrealer. But as someone who has lived here my entire life, I can say with certainty that hearing this story was a first for me. One Montreal man named Khaled wanted to see his friend from Toronto so severely that he decided to create a festival for her.

You may think this is the unusual part, but there's more.

Many of us have gone to extreme measures to party with our friends, but this Montreal man has taken it to a new level.

Describing his friend Lesley, Khaled told MTL Blog that she is a “gorgeous redhead” with a great personality. In an effort to convince her to celebrate her birthday in Montreal, he decided to throw an event and dedicate it to redheads.

Khaled says that before he knew it, the Facebook event he created had “blown up” and that the “response has been crazy ever since.” He went on to thank Lesley, who is the reason this event is happening in the first place.

Khaled didn’t stop there. After he noticed that so many people took an interest in his idea, he decided he wanted to make this an event to remember. He told MTL Blog that the people organizing the event are going “all-out.” The event is now going to take place on November 7 at Mile Public House — a much bigger space than Khaled ever anticipated. 

The entire staff will be dressed in red wigs and the decorations are sure to be on-brand as well. They want to create a “real festival atmosphere where redheads will be treated and feel like royalty.”

There will also be videos of the iconic redhead Ed Sheeran on a loop. Who knows, maybe he'll hear about the event and show up — but, probably not.

All redheads will get free shots throughout the evening. There will be contests for best hair and finest freckles for the events' attendees.

Khaled and his team are hoping to turn this into a yearly thing. Shall we call it a red carpet event?

This peculiar event promises to have a celebratory and supportive atmosphere.

What started out as a joke has turned into a pretty big deal, which shows just how much our city loves celebrating eccentricity! 

As for Khaled, your quirk is appreciated and very Montreal of you. I bet you can't find this in Toronto, Lesley. Happy Birthday!


When: November 7, 2019, From 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Where: 9190 Leduc, Brossard; Mile Public House

What:A quirky celebration for all heads that are red!

If you don’t believe me, check out the Facebook event here! 

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