The Montreal SPCA Is Full Of Cute Animals Looking For Forever Homes Right Now (PHOTOS)

Whether you've been looking to adopt for some time now or just love looking at pictures of cute animals, the Montreal SPCA has got you covered. There are a ton of loving animals looking for their forever homes in the city right now. And I promise that their little smiles are sure to add some light to your day.

At the moment this article was published, there were dogs, rabbits, a turtle, and a chinchilla looking for new companions to show them a good life. 

I've taken it upon myself to introduce you to some of them below.

I grew up my whole life having animals and I can't imagine life any other way. 

The SPCA works hard to give all animals the life they deserve, and I can't thank the organization enough for that.

When it comes to pets, I'm a firm believer in adopting, not shopping. But, that choice remains up to each person.

And now, without further ado, get ready to meet some cuties that are sure to steal your heart — they definitely did for me.



If you're into exercise, good news — so is Ziva.

Weighing about 80 pounds, she's a big girl that's full of love.

She's fully suited to live in an apartment, just like the rest of us.



Mila is known around the SPCA for giving tons of kisses.

She likes hanging out with humans and isn't a fan of cages — I feel her.

This grey cutie also gets along well with other calm animals.



Gustave is a large two-year-old beauty who loves being pet and being around humans.

He seeks tranquillity and is a fan of peaceful environments.

This guy isn't a fan of other canines though, he likes to be the one and only.



Meet Poogie the turtle.

If you're a slow walker, then you two have something in common.

Poogie likes water and is known for being "small and furry."



Look at that tongue!

Abby is a mixed breed who doesn't like the city very much.

But, one thing she does like is getting to move around a lot. She's sure to be a great fitness partner.



Coco is a female bunny rabbit with eyes that stare right into your soul.

She looks like she'd be an awesome cuddle buddy.

How precious are her ears?

I hope these cute animal photos helped brighten your day!

Please note that all of the animals on this list were still available for adoption at the time this article was published.

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