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The Montreal SPCA Is Waiving Adoption Fees All Weekend For These Animals

Ever thought about fostering a furry friend?
The Montreal SPCA Is Waiving Adoption Fees All Weekend For These Animals
  • The Montreal SPCA accepts nearly double the number of animals in the summer as people move into new apartments and can't bring their pets with them.
  • To encourage the adoption of animals that need a little extra love, they are waiving adoption fees this whole weekend.
  • You can adopt one of their dogs, cats, bunnies or other small animals with no fees until Sunday, August 18th, 2019.

The Montreal SPCA is hosting free adoption days until the end of this week in an effort to find homes for the furry friends that are currently in their care.

As we reported earlier in the summer, the Montreal SPCA sees a significant influx in animals between June and August, with upwards of 1000 pets arriving at their shelter each month. 

While the SPCA usually accepts somewhere around 500 animals a month, the number of animals that require fostering and re-homing doubles in the summer largely in part because of Quebec's laws that allow landlords to deny tenants the housing of pets in rental units.

As tenants move and find new apartments, they often realize their new space is a no-pet-zone and are left with a very difficult decision.

This is why the SPCA is absorbing the adoption fees from now until Sunday, August 18th, 2019 for some of their animals. They hope that by making adoption even more affordable, those Montrealers who do live in spaces that allow pets will make the leap and become a paw-parent.

Even fostering a pet means getting them out of the shelter and back into a more natural routine with more frequent socialization and, very likely, less stress.

We all know the Montreal SPCA does everything they can to make the lives of their adoptees as happy and healthy as possible... but I think we also know every pet wants to find their forever home.

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Adopting from the SPCA usually costs between $295 to $350, depending on the age of the animal you're taking home. Those fees include sterilization, vaccinations, microchipping and other forms of healthcare.

But from now until the end of this weekend, animals that are considered a "Humanitarian" adoption will be free to adopt. Humanitarian adoptions are called this because they involve animals that are special in one way or another, and likely need a little extra lovin'.

The animals that are considered a Humanitarian adoption are clearly marked with an (H) on the SPCA's website, and you can peruse the dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and other small animals on their website right here.

Free Adoption Days

Where: SPCA Montreal, 5215 rue Jean-Talon Ouest

When: Thursday, August 15th - Sunday, August 18th, 2019

           Weekdays from 12PM-8PM, Weekends from 11AM-5PM

Cost: No cost to attend and if you choose a Humanitarian adoption, you'll also pay no adoption fees.

See all the info about the Free Adoption days at the SPCA's Facebook event page here.

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