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You Can See The Moon "Eat" Mars Tomorrow Morning From Montreal Without A Telescope

Make sure to look up!
You Can See The Moon "Eat" Mars Tomorrow Morning From Montreal Without A Telescope

Whether or not you're a star lover, you're going to want to be looking up at the sky from Montreal tomorrow morning because we're about to witness a moon moment. North America is getting the chance to see Mars getting "eaten" by the Moon, which in actual astronomical language is known as a Moon-Mars occultation. Who wouldn't want to see the Moon from Montreal having a little snack of one of the Solar System's planets?

As someone who knows very little astronomical terminology, I needed an explanation for what exactly the "occultation of Mars" meant — now I'm here to share my discovery with you.'s definition of the term occultation is "the passage of one celestial body in front of another, thus hiding the other from view: applied especially to the moon's coming between an observer and a star or planet."

So, now the idea that the Moon will "eat" Mars makes a little more sense, right? Not that the moon could ever actually get hungry... I assume.

What exactly is going to be happening in the sky is that as the sun starts to rise, Mars and the Moon will begin to get closer and closer together.

Eventually, the Moon is going to cover Mars. If you get the chance to watch this all go down, it'll seem as though Mars simply vanished behind the Moon.

Although parts of North America are blessed with the chance to get to witness this, it is still, in fact, a chance that we'll get to. The sky will need to be clear to actually catch a glimpse of the Moon covering Mars.

At least 10 cm of snow is expected to hit Montreal during the day tomorrow, so let's hope it holds off as long as possible. As long as the sky over our city is clear at 7:39 a.m., we'll be able to witness this astronomical phenomenon happen. It is at this time that Mars is expected to disappear from our sight.

And for anyone who truly believes in the stars, a little reminder that this decade's first Mercury retrograde began today. So, if you find yourself feeling confused and focused on the past between now and March 10 — you know why.

A professor of physics and astronomy at York University, Elaina Hyde, told CTV that this is the only occultation that North America will get to witness in 2020.

So, do your best to get up a little extra early tomorrow morning!

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