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The NDP Will Increase Taxes On The Super-Rich & End Pipelines

Here's where the NDP stand on all the issues that matter to you!
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The NDP Platform Will Increase Taxes On The Super-Rich & End Pipelines
  • Below, we outline the NDP platform regarding immigration, taxes, Bill 21, and other topics that should spark your interest. 
  • The NDP aims to give hope for the rise of the middle class, more affordable housing, and a greener future.

This is MTL Blog’s Federal Election Platform Series.

Over the next few weeks, leading up to the Federal Election on October 21, we’re outlining the platforms of Canada’s major federal political parties, including the Conservative Party, the Green Party, the Liberal Party, and the New Democratic Party.

After the "Orange Wave" in 2011's federal election and a huge collapse in support in 2015, the NDP is taking on the 2019 election with ambitious new plans and a new leader in Jagmeet Singh.

Despite a resurgence in support, nothing has come close to matching 2011's "Orange Wave" in Quebec. Currently polling at 11.1% in our province and 15.3% across Canada, it's highly unlikely that Singh and the NDP will form the next government. It's not for lack of trying, however, as Singh is immensely popular with young Canadians. 

The NDP has laid out a plan that includes taking action on climate change, taxing the super-rich, investing in Indigenous communities more than ever before, and even expanding Medicare to include free dental. When it comes to policies that young Canadians care about, Singh is "ready to fight" for what they believe in. 

Here's where the NDP stands on issues that matter to Montrealers.

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The NDP platform states that "immigrants strengthen our country and we will always stand against those who would use fear of our neighbours to divide us."

They will suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement, as they don't consider the U.S. a safe country for asylum seekers.

Jagmeet Singh says the NDP will focus efforts on family reunification, refugee resettling, and treating all immigrants with "fairness, respect, and dignity."


The NDP opposes creating a single income tax return for Quebec. They will also increase the capital gains tax from 50% to 75%.

They will impose more taxes on the wealthiest 1% of Canadians (those making more than $20 million).

Jagmeet Singh has said that an NDP government will "crackdown" on tax havens for the super-rich and make sure that they are paying their fair share to society.


Climate action is one of the pillars of the NDP platform. Singh has said that they have one of most "ambitious plans" for climate action.

The NDP will continue carbon pricing and scrap all pipeline plans. They've pledged $1.8 billion to lift boil water advisories in Indigenous communities and will invest $1 billion to help energy-retrofit homes.

They have a goal to create over 300,000 new jobs in green technology fields in all communities across Canada.


The NDP wants to build over 500,000 affordable housing units over the next 10 years. They've pledged $5 billion to make this happen.

The party acknowledges that Canada is in the midst of a housing crisis and will provide "immediate relief" for families who are struggling to make rent.

They will also double the Home Buyers' Tax Credit to $1,500.

Bill 21 & Quebec 

The NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has called Bill 21 "hurtful" and "discriminatory." He said that he will be a "champion" for those who oppose the law in Quebec. An NDP government would not interfere with provincial jurisdiction, however.

They are opposed to the CAQ's proposed "values test."

They've promised an additional $73 million to help the province process refugees.

The NDP has said they want to apply Bill 101 to federal businesses like banks and telecom companies.

Public Transportation 

The NDP announced a pledge for investments in public transit, but have not been specific on numbers.

For communities that invest in public transit and green initiatives, the NDP has announced that they will work "towards fare-free transit to ease commutes and make life more affordable."

They want to have a completely electrified public transit system by 2030.

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