The Number Of Hospitalizations Has Decreased & Quebec Summer Day Camps Are Opening In June

At his daily press conference, Premier François Legault, joined by his public health colleagues and the Mayor of Laval, announced another 720 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Quebec. 82 deaths were recorded for a total of 3,800. Premier Legault highlighted that 25 of these recorded deaths happened over the past five days. 

As of May 21, there have been 45,495 cumulative confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. There was a marked decrease in the number of hospitalizations (-41) and intensive care patients (-7).

"At least" 13,300 people have recovered from the virus, Legault said. 

Despite continued increases, Premier Legault said that public health officials gave the "green light" to reopen day camps in Quebec as of June 22. 

"There will be measures that are proposed for day camps, such as smaller groups and social distancing rules," said the Premier. 

One of the challenges facing the reopening of day camps is the lack of staff. Premier Legault called on all the young people of Quebec to sign up and work at a day camp this summer for an "unforgettable summer experience." 

"I hope we can inspire all young people to come to work in day camps. Children need to move, be active, and camp monitors are an important part of that," he said.

The day camps announcement is just the latest in a string of reopening plans unveiled by the Government of Quebec this week.

On Monday, Legault confirmed that Montreal-area retail stores with their own entrances from the outside will be able to open on May 25.

The date had already been twice postponed (the reopening had been initially projected for May 11). Stores outside of the 82 municipalities of the Montreal metropolitan community (CMM) reopened on May 4.

On Tuesday, Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault announced that personal health care practices will reopen across the province on June 1.

On the same date, personal aesthetic care services, like hair and nail salons, will open outside of the CMM and the MRC of Joliette.

The government has not determined a date for their reopening in the metropolis and its surrounding suburbs.

The reopening of day camps also represents an additional piece in a larger plan to accommodate summer activity across Quebec.

Beginning Friday, May 22, groups of a maximum of 10 people from a maximum of three families/households will once again be allowed to gather in exterior settings.

Deputy Premier Guilbault specifically mentioned residents' ability to host BBQs under these new rules.

In Montreal, the city and borough governments are gradually releasing plans to convert hundreds of kilometres of streets into more pedestrian and bike-friendly corridors.

Some of the most popular commercial thoroughfares will become pedestrian-only.

Quebec's national parks have also begun to welcome back day hikers and fishers.

Stay tuned for more news.