The Plateau Is Transforming 30 km Of Streets & Ave. du Mont-Royal Will Be Pedestrian Only

It's part of a citywide plan to make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians this summer.
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The Plateau Is Transforming 30 km Of Streets & Ave. du Mont-Royal Will Be Pedestrian Only

Some of the Plateau's major streets will be completely transformed this summer. In the wake of last week's Active Pathways Circuit announcement, the City of Montreal and the Plateau-Mont-Royal installed a plan to redevelop 30 kilometers of streets for bikes and pedestrians. The redevelopment plan will follow the guidelines outlined Friday by the city.

Plateau-Mont-Royal mayor Luc Rabouin unveiled the first phase of the plan on Friday. Over 20 streets will be redeveloped for active mobility. 

"The demands of public health in terms of social distancing, combined with the arrival of good weather and the gradual resumption of economic activities, represent a whole challenge for the population of a dense arrondissement like Le Plateau," said Rabouin. 

This "exceptional summer planning" aims to "provide residents with the safe public spaces they need to make their essential purchases, go to work or simply get some fresh air." 

"Adding pedestrian corridors and safe cycle routes is the best way to make these modes of soft and active mobility even more attractive, which do so much good for the body, the soul, the city and the environment," said Marianne Giguère, City councilor for the De Lormier district. 

The Plateau's active mobility streets are just one part of the 327-kilometers of new bike and pedestrian paths that are planned in Montreal. 

The first phase of the project begins in June on boulevard Saint-Laurent, rue Saint-Denis, avenue Christophe-Colomb, and avenue du Mont-Royal. 

These, along with rue Rachel, avenue Laurier Ouest, rue de la Roche, avenue du Parc-La-Fontaine, rue Cherrier, and rue Fullum, will be turned into "secure activity routes." 

One of the major changes coming to the Plateau is the transformation of avenue du Mont-Royal. Between the rue Fullum and avenue de l'Esplanade intersections, the busy commercial street will be pedestrian-only.

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Additional "sanitary corridors" will be installed in the following areas:

  • 3421-3509, avenue du Parc

  • 5029, avenue du Parc

  • 5242, avenue du Parc

  • 3795, rue Saint-André (angle Roy)

  • 2008, rue Gauthier

"The improvements made will support the resumption of commercial activities, promote the cultural and historical discovery of Montreal and will facilitate compliance with the distancing measures with which we will have to continue to contend in the coming months," said Éric Alan Caldwell, Montreal's chief of urbanism and mobility. 

A complete map of planned street redevelopments in the Plateau is available on the city's website

[rebelmouse-image 26885039 photo_credit="Ville de Montreal" expand=1 original_size="1013x1204"] Ville de Montreal

"Since a large part of the population of Montreal will probably remain in town during the summer, it was our duty to offer it a pleasant and safe city that will allow it to move without the hassle and to rediscover all that the metropolis has to offer," said Mayor Valérie Plante.

Needless to say, it will be a summer like no other. 

Stay tuned for more news. 

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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