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Experts Believe The Quebec Government Should Shut Down The SQDC

Things aren't looking good.
Experts Believe The Quebec Government Should Shut Down The SQDC

Since the SQDC first opened its doors in October of last year, things have steadily gone downhill. Product has never really come back into stock, the stores are now open only four days a week, and revenue isn't looking as good as expected. Because of these factors, the government of Quebec should seriously consider pulling the plug on the cannabis stores.

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TL;DR Economists have concluded that the government of Quebec isn't making enough money off of SQDC sales with the way things are going, which is prompting the idea to begin taxing cannabis and selling it through the private sector instead. More details below.

An economist has even advised that there's no way the Quebec government will be making any money from sales with the way things are going. Especially since the Legault government has plans to raise the legal cannabis user age to from 18 to 21, a lot of the younger market is predicted to just go back to the black market.

According to the Montreal Economic Institute, the only good thing about the opening of the SQDC is that young Quebecers were introduced to "communism" through the stores method of sale.

In the first year of SQDC operation, it was expected that 50 tonnes of marijuana would be sold across the province. After a major shortage only one week after officially opening and making 140,000 sales province-wide, the legal cannabis market saw revenue take a nosedive. Since then, things have only gotten worse.

Now that the shortages have caused 12 locations to close 3 days a week and a major shortage to last for an unknown amount of time, the government just isn't making any money off of sales.

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The Montreal Economic Institue is suggesting that the government of Quebec should instead introduce a tax on cannabis products just like what's already done with tobacco products. Then retail of legal marijuana can continue on the private sector, which is better prepared to compete with the black market and other illegal modes of purchase.

With Quebec's legal cannabis market continuing to lose money and stay embarrassingly behind competitors, only time will tell if the Legault government does decide to shut down their government-run stores. Stay tuned for more information.


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