The Rest Of May Is Going To Be Disgusting And Rainy In Montreal

Today's rainy and cold weather will unfortunately not be the exception for the rest of this month, but rather the rule. For most of the rest of the month, it's going to be gray, rainy and sad.

We had high hopes for next week because the weather network had predicted that it would feel like 32°C next Monday. Unfortunately, it's now predicted to be rainy and cold for the next few days.

This is bad news for all those who were looking forward to summer activities like cycling, volleyball and drinking sangria on terrasses. 

It's going to rain through to the rest of the week. Temperatures should stay low, with a high of 14°C and lows going down as low as 7°C.

Earlier this week, the forecast was a little more optimistic. The Weather Network was predicting warmth for next week, especially for next Monday.

The Weather Network

Unfortunately, now it looks as though rest of the week will actually continue to be cold and rainy.

Sigh. Goodbye, sunny, warm Monday we were all dreaming of.

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The Weather Network

Not to mention that the following week isn't looking much better. It's going to continue raining, and highs will continue to hover around 20°C.

May showers bring June flowers, perhaps?

The Weather Network

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, so we'll try to be positive despite this sad, sad weather.

After all, it could be snowing instead of raining.