The "Scariest Haunted House In Canada" Is Near Montreal & Will Force You To Eat Bugs

Scary doesn't begin to describe this claustrophobic nightmare.
The "Scariest Haunted House In Canada" Is Near Montreal & Will Force You To Eat Bugs

There is one Halloween attraction, just an hour and a half away from Montreal that deems itself as the #1 scariest haunted house in Canada. And it has a lot of competition for that moniker. 

The Maison Hantée Atlantide is three floors and over 18,000 square feet of absolute horror.  The huge manor sits on the family site of Complexe Atlandide in Saint-Calixte, but take our word for it - this haunted house is not family-oriented. 

They have a running counter on the website with the number of people who freaked out and couldn't complete the course. It's at over two thousand. There are four emergency exits placed strategically around the house exactly because of this. 

There are the usual murderous clowns, zombies, and other monsters roaming the manor - ready to put the fear of god in you at any given moment.  But it's the manor itself that is the most unnerving. The corridors are tight, dark and unforgiving. The added sense of claustrophobia leaves you closed in and anxious, with nowhere to move if something does come at you.

Some of the passageways are so narrow that you have to walk on all fours just to navigate through them.

That, right there, is enough to make many nope right out of there. 

The Haunted House Atlantide is not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart disease or those with claustrophobia. And while there is no age minimum to attend, it's not advised to bring children under 16 years old. 

The actors are all on point - from grotesque makeup and costumes to character and fear factor. From the moment that you step on the grounds to the moment you leave screaming, they are there to make every moment a 'maybe I should just go home' moment. 

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The scares aren't only limited to the rooms and corridors of the house. The site has other attractions like the Gypsy caravan of clairvoyance and an insect tasting option. Take note, the cost for some of these experiences is not included in the entrance fee.

There will also be a DJ, dance floor and bar "for a horrifying experience challenging your biggest fears." For many of us, that would definitely include a DJ and dance floor. 

If you don't mind the hour and a half trip to Saint-Calixte, this haunted house is worth visiting. If anything, just to say, "I made it through the scariest Halloween attraction in Canada." 

Experience A Giant Haunted Manor at Le Maison Hantée Atlantide

When: Weekends from October 11 to October 26 

Fridays: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday 4p.m. to 8 p.m.

Where: 11155 QC-335, Saint-Calixte

Cost: $20


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