The SQDC Has Introduced Its First Hash Product & Warns That It's 'High-Intensity'

A single unit of two grams goes for $39.90.
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The SQDC Has Introduced Its First Hash Product & Warns That It's 'High-Intensity'
  • To celebrate 4/20, the SQDC introduced its first hash product.
  • On its website, the Crown corporation warns that it's "high intensity."
  • It's already sold out online.

A new product has hit the SQDC's shelves just in time for warmer days. Customers can now buy up to two grams of hashish from SQDC retailers in Quebec, both online and in-store. This new product is from "Original Stash" by HEXO Corp, the same company behind the only one-ounce quantity product on the Quebec market right now. 

"os.hash20" is an Indica strain product. With strong THC content and some CBD, the hashish is said to be potent and gives users a sense of calm. 

A single unit of two grams of os.hash20 goes for $39.90. The product was officially launched on 4/20. 

Reviews of the product are so far positive on the SQDC's Facebook page. Many reviewers are noting the quality and potency of the hash as one of the best features.

Some even say that this is one of the best products at the SQDC. 

Since late 2019, the SQDC has been slowly expanding its range of products. Consumers can now buy things like CBD sparkling water and teas along with the classic dried flowers, oils, and pre-rolls.

Edibles such as CBD-infused beer, granola bars, and hash tablets could also soon be hitting the shelves, pending a government review.

SQDC representatives say that they don't want to make any edibles seem attractive to children. 

In Quebec, the legal age to purchase cannabis products is 21. 

In recent weeks, the SQDC has seen an influx of panic-induced buying due to the current health crisis. Though, that didn't stop people from lining up on 4/20. 

The SQDC has recommended that customers purchase products online to avoid lines and contact with people. 

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For those who have never tried hashish before, the SQDC warns that "this high-intensity product is to be consumed in small amounts at a time." 

In a Facebook post, the Crown corporation says that "the law limits the THC content of products to a maximum of 30%" but doesn't specify whether os.hash20 approaches that limit.

But it does imply that it's one of the stronger products at the SQDC right now. 

At the time of writing, the hash is out of stock on the SQDC website.

Stay tuned for more news.

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