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The SQDC Is Hiring & It’s High Time You Took Advantage Of These Benefits
  • The SQDC is currently hiring for in-store positions.
  • While employees don't get any discounts, the job does come with the solid perks you'd expect from a government entity.
  • Find out how to apply below!

The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) is currently looking to hire employees for in-store positions along with positions at its Montreal head office. So if the idea of working alongside other cannabis enthusiasts has always been on your bucket list, get your CV ready. 

One of the main positions they are looking to fill for in-store positions are "advisors" — customer service agents that help welcome clients and can field and answer any questions someone may have. If the line-up that snakes down Ste-Catherine every weekend is any indication, they need to hire immediately. 

The SQDC is currently looking for both full and part-time advisors to work at its various locations. It is looking for people that have at least a high school diploma, have a minimum of one year experience in customer service, are bilingual, and are available to work any day of the week, day or night. Part-time employees can also choose a Thursday to Sunday schedule.

The minimum age for hire used to be 18. But with the new law coming into effect January 1, changing the legal cannabis age to 21, the SQDC will only be hiring people who have their 21st birthday before the new year. 

You can read the full job description here

While having an uncanny knowledge of all things THC and CBD related always comes in handy, advisors have to pass a mandatory training program developed in collaboration with the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux to become certified. 

The salary isn't mind-blowing by any stretch of the imagination. Advisors start out at $14 an hour but with an expected increase after 1,040 hours of work.

But there are definitely perks to working with the government like nice health insurance, a pension plan, and employee assistance plans along with possibilities for advancement. 

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If you have finished college and have managerial skills or are already further into your career experience, the SQDC is also looking for:

Branch Managers

Deputy Branch Managers

Financial Analyst

Just a heads-up, all interested applicants who want to work with the SQDC will have to agree to a background check by the Sûreté du Québec. The security clearance looks for any criminal history or links with organized crime. 

According to the website, "It must also demonstrate that the candidate possesses the ethics, integrity and morality necessary for the job," which could be open to interpretation. 

In case you're curious: no, employees, unfortunately, do not receive any discounts on products. 

To read more about careers at the SQDC, visit its website here

To apply for an advisor job, you can fill out the application and upload your CV here

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