The SQDC Is Ready To Bring Same-Day Weed Delivery To Montreal

The pilot project will begin on the Island of Montreal.
The SQDC Is Ready To Bring Same-Day Weed Delivery To Montreal
  • The SQDC is poised to start same-day delivery on the Island of Montreal.
  • If successful, this pilot project could expand to the entire Montreal metropolitan area.
  • We spoke to an SQDC spokesperson about what needs to happen before same-day delivery begins.

The SQDC is ready to launch a pilot project that would see same-day weed delivery to customers that live on the Island of Montreal. The six-to-nine month project would work similarly to how weed is currently delivered via the SQDC, minus the 1-to-3 day delivery window. SQDC media relationist Fabrice Giguère made clear to MTL Blog that right now the only thing between the plan and its realization is finding a properly-suited tender who would be responsible for the deliveries.

Currently, the SQDC relies on Canada Post to make its deliveries, and the Crown corporation is entrusted with following the strict protocols required to deliver the product.

The challenge with same-day delivery is to find another tender who would be capable of meeting the same high standards.

Part of these standards is, of course, the process of carding purchase at the point of delivery, to ensure the product has reached its proper destination, and that the purchaser is, in fact, of legal age to consume cannabis in Quebec.

If you remember, the CAQ is set to increase the legal age of cannabis consumption to 21, up from the initial 18-year-old cut-off which still stands for the consumption of alcohol.

Giguère explained that the pilot project would first take place only on the Island of Montreal. If it is successful after it's initial 6-9 month run, the plan is to expand the same-day delivery to all of Metro Montreal, meaning both the North and South Shores, including Laval.

The process would run similarly to the current delivery system, as well, whereby the product is picked up by the vendor.

Currently, producers send the product ordered for delivery to a distribution centre where Canada Post then picks it up before heading out to deliver it.

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Which means you don't have to stress about this new pilot project stealing any pot from your local store — don't worry, the in-store purchases are still the top priority.

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Giguère actually informed me that current purchases from the SQDC are 90% in-store and only 10% online. Though it will be interesting to see how drastically that will change if this same-day delivery service comes to fruition.

We can't know exactly when this pilot project will begin, as the SQDC is still waiting to see if any delivery companies are interested.

Then, they have to ensure that this company can uphold the high standards needed to deliver the product.

There are lots of technical and logistical questions that still need answering, but it sure is exciting to imagine, anyway.

And what about you? Would you ditch Weed Maps if you knew you could get fresh bud from the SQDC?