The SQDC Now Sells CBD-Infused Sparkling Citrus Water
  • On Twitter, the SQDC announced the arrival of a new cannabis beverage, a CBD-infused sparkling water.
  • The canned drink joins CBD-teas on the list of cannabis edibles currently offered by the Crown corporation.
  • More edible products are on the way this year.

Despite some early hiccups, the SQDC has become a reliable source of cannabis for Montrealers. Though critics have said that the Crown corporation is too sterile and limited in its selection, it continues to roll out popular new products. The legalization of edible sales, especially, seems to have opened the door to more creative weed items. After the successful introduction of new CBD-infused tea, the SQDC has added CBD-infused sparkling water to its menu.

CBD is an active compound found in marijuana. Unlike THC, it has "no or few" psychoactive effects, according to the SQDC website.

CBD is thought to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and help with sleep deprivation.

The new sparkling beverage, a product by Everie, the same company behind those CBD infused teas, is officially available for purchase. 

The lemon and lime drink contains "10 mg of CBD and small amounts of THC" according to the website.

The edible cannabis product is offered in a 269 ml can and is said to produce "relaxing sensations and uplift your mood." 

[rebelmouse-image 26886424 photo_credit="SQDC" expand=1 original_size="2424x1210"] SQDC

The aluminum packaging contains 3.9 grams of cannabis. Each can will run you up $5.30, taxes included.

The product label indicates that the drink is 60 calories per can and contains 11 g of sugar.

This is the only canned CBD drink selling at the SQDC so far. Other beverages include three flavours of tea, which are sold in $16.80 packages of three bags.

[rebelmouse-image 26886425 photo_credit="SQDC" expand=1 original_size="1372x1282"] SQDC

Edible cannabis became available in Quebec at the beginning of 2020.

Though the SQDC plans to sell "mainly teas and other beverages" for the time being, this year, the company's "product offer may be expanded with new products that can legally be sold in Quebec, including cooking oil and hashish."

The sale of cannabis-infused candies, desserts, and chocolate, however, will remain illegal.

More information on cannabis edibles is available on the SQDC website.

The new CBD lemon and lime sparkling water is available for sale here. You must be 18 to visit the SQDC website.

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