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The STM Has Released Its Plan For Deconfinement & Will Give Face Coverings To Customers

Wearing a mask is strongly recommended but not mandatory.
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The STM Has Released Its Plan For Deconfinement & Will Give Face Coverings To Customers

As the reopening date for Montreal businesses, elementary schools, and daycares approaches, the STM has presented its plan for deconfinement. STM CEO Luc Tremblay announced a series of measures that the company will follow in the coming weeks. These include more regular service on the bus and metro networks, increased workplace safety, the continuation of frequent cleanings, modified buses, and more. 

"We ask that everyone be responsible and demonstrate teamwork," said Tremblay. "We all have a role to play, whether that means implementing special measures, following guidelines or adopting new behaviours."

Since March, the transit company has unveiled several new measures to protect passengers and employees, including more regular cleanings of stations, buses, and metro cars.

At the end of April, it announced that it would install hand sanitizer dispensers at metro entrances and make personal protective equipment available to its workers.

Provincial authorities, meanwhile, have "strongly recommended" that residents wear face masks on all public transit.

The STM has nonetheless acknowledged the challenges ahead.

The company stated on April 14 that "is very aware that it will be difficult" to enforce social distancing measures on its network "especially during rush hour, even with a return to a full-service offer."

Here's what to expect from the STM in the coming months.

Bus & Metro Service

Metro trains have returned to regular service while bus service is "similar" to "normal summer service."

In March, the STM reduced service hours because of an 80% decrease in ridership across its network.

Though ridership still remains below average, "service has been optimized to continue to minimize overcrowding and promote physical distancing for a certain period of time, as well as meet customer’s travel needs."

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Cleanings & More Protection

The STM will continue its increased cleaning measures first introduced in March.

Mask wearing, meanwhile, is not mandatory.

Though the company is working with the City of Montreal to distribute face coverings to its customers to "encourage [the] practice."

The STM will maintain a two-metre rule behind bus drivers and will modify buses by installing barriers around the driving seat.

Once deemed appropriate, customers will be able to once again board the bus from the front. When that begins, customers will be asked to enter from the front and leave from the back. 

"We will be there to support our customers throughout their journey on our network. Let’s show solidarity, take care of each other and work together to get used to the new normal on our transit network," said Philippe Schnobb, Chairman of the Board of the STM. 

Stay tuned for more news. 

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